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Service Management Solutions

for Business Aviation Teams

The Growth of Business Aviation

From May 21, 1927 when Charles Lindbergh took off with his Ryan NYP plane, the business aviation industry began to take flight. Modern business aviation is defined by the use of any aircraft for civil business purposes, which excludes military aircraft and commercial carriers. Business aviation may include small to medium-sized enterprises that use single-pilot aircraft, internationally flying turbine aircraft or even helicopters. It also includes the fixed-base operations and other services provided at public-use airports.

From making sure equipment is ready-to-go and all safety standards are met, to ensuring that staff completes their responsibilities and customers are happy, business aviation success requires a high expenditure of planning, organization and logistics. So how can your business master the industry? 

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Efficient cross-location communication and processes ensure smooth air traffic services.

OTRS business aviation software offers a range of features that support your company in planning and conducting both domestic and foreign business flights without incident.

Popular features include business process automation, inventory management and customer service tools. Through templates and quick documentation, you can track your people, equipment and processes both locally and between company locations. It’s all supported by an intuitive interface.

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Whether you operate out of two locations or 100 – there are no limits to OTRS business aviation solutions.

As your business aviation company expands, all departments grow with it, as does the work and organizational effort required for smooth operations.

OTRS as a business aviation software grows with you, is customizable, and is individually scalable. This is not only true for the software itself, but also for the inventory management components and workflows. No matter what size company you run, OTRS offers boundless flexibility.

Make your business soar with expert support.

The advantage of business aviation solutions from OTRS Group? Expert consultants work with you to define and automate your business processes.

They help you take best advantage of the 1,440 individually-configurable options so that you get efficient, flexible, secure and cost-effective business aviation software and support that is tailored precisely to your requirements. Our experts will even help you learn how to quickly and easily make process and other changes yourself so OTRS can change with your business needs.

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ENAV needed a help desk software with integration possibilities to record and speed up internal processes.

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OTRS is a business aviation software solution that offers flexible, reliable and structured communication. From coordinating flights and equipment to tracking staff and damage reports, workflows are faster and less prone to error.

  • Third-party integration. OTRS works with existing business aviation tools, like document management systems, CRMs or project management systems.
  • Inventory management. The CMDB lets you quickly track equipment, parts and their status.
  • Top-notch security. Comply with data protection regulations through continuous encryption and ISO 27001 certified data centers. Plus, OTRS Group uses GDPR-compliant processes.
  • Improved communication. Build automated processes to speed things up. Track requests through ticketing. Use templates for consistency and FAQs for self-service. Reports keep it all on track.

Visit us at the
NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition!

From October 22 – 24, we will be at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Las Vegas. Let‘s meet there and talk about how OTRS can help your business aviation team excel! We’ll be in Booth C7033.


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