Ressourcenmanagement: Immer alles im Blick
29/07/2020 |

Ressourcenmanagement: Immer alles im Blick

Beim Managen von Ressourcen geht es um die Maximierung der Effizienz durch Prozesse und Zuordnung von Ressourcen. OTRS hilft Ihnen dabei.

Clock to represent resource management

Managing resources is primarily about maximizing efficiency through processes and resource allocation. Sounds simple, but is more like a chess game. Because the available resources need to be used in a careful and profitable way. But what do we mean by resources? In general, resources mean everything that is necessary to achieve the company’s goals. This means that resources can be real estate, buildings, raw materials and machines, just like employees, their specialist knowledge and skills.

Sie haben ein Ziel und müssen entscheiden, wie Sie dieses mit möglichst wenig, optimal verteilten Ressourcen erreichen können.

The most common mistakes when managing resources

As already mentioned, the optimal management of resources is like a kind of chess game. It is important to avoid the most common errors first.

1. Resources are incorrectly selected and assigned

If resources are used arbitrarily and without the big picture in mind, this can quickly backfire. It is therefore important to know which skills and resources are available to you. For this it is helpful to create an overview of the availability, as well as the skills and abilities of the employees in the first step. The aim is to allocate resources in such a way that both everyday and project-related tasks can be processed. In order to achieve this goal, resources may have to be moved or projects that are unnecessary for the business goal have to be paused.

2. Unrealistic time constraints

Setting a deadline based on simple calculations that an employee with a remaining 25 working hours of the project and 100% work capacity could certainly complete it within three to four days is simply unrealistic. After all, work performance is always subject to fluctuations, in addition to usual breaks and meetings that accompany a day.

Basically, you can calculate 80% of the contractually defined weekly working hours as a resource. Also include vacation and sick days in your planning. And very important: never forget a motivating factor for your employees!

Grundsätzlich kann man mit 80% der vertraglich definierten Wochenarbeitszeit als Ressource kalkulieren.

3. Micromanagement

Such behavior is a patience task for everyone involved in a project. Constantly asking about the latest update or the like hampers more than that it helps. Instead, a manager should trust his employees and assume that they are doing their best to help the project succeed. In addition, the delegation of tasks ensures that the manager has time and can optimally keep an eye on the resources.

4. Not to inform teams comprehensively

For teams, it is often not enough to know by when something should be completed. But also why. First of all, this contributes to the motivation of the employees through direct involvement. In addition, they can work on the task in a more target-oriented manner and bring in new profitable ideas. It is helpful if you involve the entire project team at an early stage.

In order to get a significant step closer to its business goal, resource management software can help with optimal resource management.

A resource management software as a supporting tool

Here OTRS can be the ideal solution as resource management software. As soon as an order is placed by a customer, the project coordinator contacts the customer first. The order, such as ordered consulting workshops, are planned in detail.

Hierbei kann OTRS als Ressourcenmanagement Software die ideale Lösung sein.

In this case, the possible dates for a workshop are stored, for example. The project coordinator creates appointments in resource planning with a link to the “order ticket”. As a result, the appointments are entered in the calendars „Fixed booked appointments“, „Temporarily scheduled appointments“ and „Internal appointments“. In the first step, the dates for such a workshop are only entered temporarily – mainly to get an overall view of the utilization of existing resources, in this case the employees. As soon as a customer confirms the appointment, it is set to „fixed“ in the system and transferred to another calendar. For better clarity, the color of the appointment also changes. This means that the project coordinator has all the resources that are still available at a glance.

Part of the feature addon mentioned here is to be able to create teams in OTRS . Whether a classification according to technical knowledge, by location or subsidiary – the design is entirely up to you. The highlight: You can only get resources from the selected locations / departments / etc. display.

„Immer das große Ganze im Blick!“

Another calendar, which shows all internal appointments such as meetings and vacations, prevents double occupancy or even an overuse of resources, the employee. Always the big picture in view! In order to bring even more clarity to resource planning, different DynamicFields can be inserted into OTRS as resource management software per calendar. Based on the example with the workshops, it is therefore possible to store additional information about what type of workshop it is. In addition, the calendars are stored with “reference tags” in OTRS . This means that all information about the customer – name, contact details or the linked ticket such as daily rate and location – can be included in the appointment.

With the help of the resource management software and the many configuration options for planning on the timeline, the project coordinator has all the important information at a glance. Now he can find the right colleague for the workshop request based on the properties of the resources, such as the location of the consultants and their availability. This automatically receives an appointment in his personal calendar via an individually configurable notification and thus has all information available locally. Business trips are easier to plan by transferring the place of work and in the event of delays, the contact details are immediately available. As soon as the project coordinator changes the appointment or deletes it completely,

After a week / a month / a year, depending on individual requirements, an evaluation is carried out. This can also be configured individually and, for example, output the workshop days per month or their sales. As software, OTRS can optimally support you in terms of successful resource management.

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