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Your company is growing, and all signs point to change. For the new structures, more complex requirements and increased work volume, you now need professional options for automating, structuring and integrating processes. We have good news for you: The enterprise service management tool OTRS makes this easy. With our solution desk, you can now offer professional and modern service to internal and external customers. Our current software version OTRS 8 takes work to a whole new level.

Why OTRS 8?

OTRS is an enterprise service management solution that can be used in nearly any area of your company. It helps you to solve your customers’ issues quickly and efficiently. Wherever flexible, reliable and structured communication is required and processes need to be optimized, OTRS is the answer.

Put an end to inefficient working methods, confusing e-mail traffic and half-hearted processes. With OTRS, requests are assigned to responsible departments and you can be sure that the right people communicate with each other. Notifications, reminders and a professional escalation management system guarantee fast processing. In addition, OTRS process templates allow you to automate workflows and give you the opportunity to create unique processes. Knowledge databases help to reduce the number of tickets and thus release resources within the team. Communication templates save time and guarantee consistently high quality in your service teams.

Our current software version offers a wide range of personalization options. In OTRS 8, you can design your workspace according to your working style and receive information in real time. Modern user interface elements and optimized user guidance guarantee highly efficient work. Furthermore, OTRS 8 was developed according to Privacy and Security by Design principles, so it is more secure than ever before.

How Do I Get Started With OTRS 8?

Don’t worry: We are always at your side! From the first analysis, through the adaptation of your system, to its smooth operation, you always get top-notch customer service.

Our experts know exactly what it takes to make your business successful with OTRS. Your needs, requirements, budget targets and timelines are used to create a customized proposal, helping you determine the appropriate contract level. Then, together with you, we develop structures, concepts, permissions and role allocations. Based on this, our Customer Solution Team establishes the appropriate setup. The final handover to you is carried out by our consultant. If no further changes are desired, our Managed Team takes care of the transfer to your live system. Of course, you can add additional consulting or training services at any time.

You’re up and running faster than with our competitors, because our proven procedure lets you go live with your new system in just a couple of days. Another advantage: As one of the most widely used software solutions worldwide, OTRS has many individually adaptable interfaces that allow it to be seamlessly integrated into existing applications. Risks, effort and costs for the creation and maintenance of conventional interfaces are significantly reduced.

Isn’t OTRS 8 a Little Too Big for Me?

With OTRS you always make the right decision, because it is industry-independent and almost limitlessly flexible. Your OTRS is configured individually and grows with your company. This is how you build for the future. This is not a question of company size, but of professionalism.

OTRS 8 enables contemporary, highly efficient work with innovative features, thus increasing the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees. You can work comfortably and above all completely individually.

And remember: OTRS 8 is secure. Safety is our top priority. Therefore, with OTRS 8, data protection, a maximum reduction of attack potential and server-client encryption are not options but are a matter of course. In addition, OTRS 8 brings our security experts to your door.

It doesn’t get any better than this. What are you waiting for?

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