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What is BPMS? Business process management (BPM) software helps businesses document tasks and activities that make their operation run smoothly by using diagraming and process automation tools.

Document and Diagram Processes. Documentation usually happens in the form of a process diagram – a visual representation of all the steps that go into completing a specified process. Creating such a diagram allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and make sure that no process steps are skipped. Businesses then have a roadmap that shows who needs to do what, when: it also optimizes the use of tools that are required to make the processes flow smoothly and ensures information is captured for compliance reasons. (Learn more.)

Automate Business Processes. Automated processes make everything quicker, easier and more efficient. Requests move from one step to another smoothly. Task handover and vacation replacements are seamless. Recurring tasks are never missed. Time is saved since everyone knows what happens next. And, new colleagues can get started more quickly without extensive training. (Learn more.)

OTRS is one type of business process management software or BPMS. It allows businesses to create BPMN-specific diagrams. Businesses then use other components of the OTRS service management platform to facilitate the process steps through ticketing, knowledge management, CMDB and other 3rd party integrations. (Try OTRS now.)

Example BPMS Use Case:
Make Your Onboarding Process Easier with OTRS


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Benefits of a BPMS

Using a business process management solution in your business means significant performance impacts.

  • Work quality improves because steps aren’t skipped and shortcuts aren’t taken.
  • Time is saved. Work moves faster because there’s less need to think about “what’s next” each time.
  • Easy handovers and vacation replacement due to optimal task documentation.
  • Employee satisfaction increases because everyone understands their role.
  • Money is saved because tools are used in an optimized way.
  • Creativity and process improvement thrive because people are free from focusing on small process steps. They can focus on big picture ideas instead.
  • Performance improves because steps can be tracked and measured more easily.
  • Work is safer – digitally and physically – because security checks and breach notifications can be planned right into the processes.
  • Change management is simplified because you can clearly see what the impacts will be, and sometimes make them happen “behind-the-scenes.”

What is a
process diagram?

Process diagrams are standardized graphical representations of all of the steps that must be completed between the start and end of a process.

They use a specific set of symbols to represent things like:

  • Activities
  • Events
  • Where and when processes split
  • How events and activities are connected


A simple process document looks like this:

Business process management diagram


Process diagrams are used in OTRS business process management software. This makes it easier for people to document and communicate processes that are important for their business.

They support communication and workflows between all business units, including specialists and your IT departments.


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Business Process Automation

Save even more time and money, while reducing errors, when you automate your processes with OTRS business process management software.

Once your processes are documented and optimized, you can speed them up by using automation. Automation allows you to move a process forward without manual intervention. Gone are the days when you would:

  • wait around for someone to remember to take the right paperwork to the right department;
  • check your calendar to remember recurring tasks; or
  • remember to get approval.

Automation means that you can “set it and forget it.” Work continues moving along through the process as defined without continuous oversight. Simply do “your part” and automation will take care of moving the tasks along to the next person, team or system.

The Feature Add-on Automatic Start of Processes even supports the automatic creation of a new process ticket for recurring tasks via timed events (Timer Start Event). By creating scheduled process tickets, your agent — and even your customer — won’t have to think about these tasks.

Business Process Management Software (BPMS) by OTRS defines & automates processes.

Ready2Adopt Business Processes

Sometimes you need to get up and running even more quickly than normal. In this case, you may decide to use pre-defined processes. The OTRS business process management solution calls these Ready2Adopt processes.

Even though these are already built for you, they can still be customized to best support the needs of your business.

That’s the beauty of business process management in OTRS software – you can change things quickly at any time!


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