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Freedom Through Change
OTRS 7 – Our latest release is a sign of change.

Life means change – in all areas. In our work lives, change has a name: digital transformation. This challenges us to break out of old routines and rigid structures so we can think in more complex and freeing ways, making workflows more efficient.
We’re here to help you make this change. OTRS works flexibly and supports the digitization of recurring tasks and processes optimally. Starting with our newest version, OTRS 7, a world of possibility expands through its multitude of new features and an optimized customer interface. With OTRS 7, you’ll be well equipped for the future. Become part of the change. Try a release that delivers more freedom.


Automation and Freedom Go Hand-in-Hand

Automation – the first step in the digital change process! Process digitalization and self-help FAQs help you avoid mistakes and reduce costs while strengthening compliance and increasing customer satisfaction. Added to the other innovative features of the new OTRS 7 system, they’re a great first step. The magic words are: Script Task Activity and Service Task Activity. These automate repetitive tasks and classify inquiries. And, you can individually adapt and further digitize your processes using various available modules.

Screenshot OTRS 7

Automation means avoiding errors and reducing costs

In companies, there is a continuous exchange of data and information – a significant source of errors. With OTRS 7, the transfer of information can be automated, thereby guaranteeing a high level of reliability and data integrity. “Copy and paste?” This is now a thing of the past, saving you both time and worry.

Automation stands for strong compliance

Resolving inquiries often requires information from sources that are inaccessible to agents for security and privacy reasons. OTRS 7 solves this problem by selectively transferring data from your CMDB or external systems in response to queries without the need to access critical or sensitive content. The time-consuming manual search is eliminated and your data remains protected.

Screenshot OTRS 7
Screenshot OTRS 7

Automation means higher customer satisfaction

Forgotten emails are a thing of the past because with automated routing you are guaranteed to reach all customers. OTRS 7 now makes it possible to predefine the subject for text templates which makes for consistent and structured communication.


Agility – the ability to adapt seamlessly

Digitalization does not simply mean change, but rather a continuous process of adjustment. An agile company aligns its strategy with the customer’s needs and interests. It benefits from maximizing their focus on the customer, but this means frequently addressing market requirements in a solid and flexible way. OTRS 7 is your partner in terms of adaptability. From faster searches to quicker data and template updates, innovative features help make processes highly efficient, quick to change and easily understandable.

Screenshot OTRS 7

Agile searching means finding it fast

A lot of solutions require tedious searching for information. We help you to find it faster! OTRS 7 lets agents share their ticket search templates with one another. It is not necessary to re-create searches again and again. Finding documents is now faster than ever too. With dynamic search in OTRS 7, you don’t need to know where to look; simply ask the right question.

Update your data – but
please be agile

Updating a cost center, serial number, or other value can be critical to a task, but it can also waste a lot of time. OTRS 7 significantly reduces this overhead – via the ability to bulk update dynamic fields. Now, the administrator does not need to be involved the process!

Screenshot OTRS 7
Screenshot of the OTRS 7

Structured communication for more agility

Templates are the lifeblood of agents, allowing them to tackle daily tasks quickly and easily. Until now, however, these templates only saved the body text. OTRS 7 can do more! It now lets you predefine the subject too. Voilà: Communication becomes even more uniform and structured.

Ask about OTRS 7 today.


Efficient communication with an individualized look

Communication is everything – if it is efficient. Unlike 10 years ago, today we communicate quickly, intuitively, and complexly. However, this means that companies need digital structures to support timely communication between teams, departments, and customers. OTRS facilitates such discussions and supports digital change with helpful features. With OTRS 7, you can design communication channels that are visually interesting and capture your individual branding. Your customers expect more than “only” tickets: the new Customer & Service Center offers them a wide range of possibilities for contacting support and finding information, all of which can be customized with your own text, colors, shapes, images, sounds and video.

Picture Custom Page

Use visuals to communicate

Communication can be done through many mediums, not simply text. For example, pictures and videos also have a positive effect on customer interactions and can effectively support the achievement of certain objectives. Your new Customer & Service Center not only offers access to tickets: now it invites your customers to actively use services. OTRS 7 can be easily adapted to your corporate branding, thus ensuring immediate recognition of your organization. You can also use an editor to create individual pages that convey much more emotion and messaging than just the technical character of a knowledge base entry.

Quick information without expert knowledge

Agents should be able to answer all customer inquiries, but that would mean they need to be experts in every subject area! Of course, this is unrealistic and unnecessary. Instead, FAQ entries are an important tool for providing great customer service because these offer agents answers at their fingertips. Sometimes, however, it can be tedious and time-consuming to find the right information even with FAQs. OTRS 7 makes the whole thing much easier and faster. By simply entering keywords, corresponding FAQ entries are displayed. This saves time and allows agents to respond quickly to questions about which they don’t have expert knowledge.

Screenshot of a page with corporate design
Picture Answer Survey

Making surveys successful

Too little response to your polls? It could be because of the visual design and the response options. Surveys provide your agents with important information about their service quality and give them the possibility to continuously improve their customer-oriented approach. With OTRS 7, you get the chance to make the design of survey emails attractive and customized with shapes, icons or images that can be used as response types. Get ready for more customer feedback!


Transparency optimizes the flow of information.

The digitization of processes significantly increases transparency within a company. Templates structure texts, explaining what, when and how to do tasks as well as what information needs to be forwarded. This makes workflows much easier and, above all, more efficient. In addition, thanks to continuous documentation, it is easier to identify important KPIs. OTRS enables transparency and prevents information gaps. Response times become shorter. Our current software version OTRS 7 offers additional innovative features to make information and knowledge about services and products clearer, easier-to-use and more accessible.

Screenshot of the Service Catalog OTRS 7

Quickly find the right service with transparency.

Having a range of services is great. Or so it seems at first glance. But a large selection of services confuses and overwhelms customers quickly: making the right choice takes time. Service structures are often complex and are not immediately manageable. OTRS 7 shines light into the dark. A service catalogue helps your customers find the right service for their needs. This can be ordering software or reporting a malfunction. Having a customized form available when selecting such a service will help your customer start the correct, related process.

Transparent display of CIs is a success factor.

Your agent usually needs a lot of information to understand a request and successfully process it. This includes knowledge about which products or service assets a customer uses or has purchased. Previously, this information was not readily available. This has changed with OTRS 7. From now on, CIs can be displayed in the Information Center, helping your agent quickly see everything he needs to know to successfully resolve a request.

Screenshot of the Customer Information Center OTRS 7
External ressources OTRS 7

Transparency for useful information management. 

We live in the information age. Due to the large quantity of data, it can be hard to find the right information without having a robust search function. Knowing where to find information is often more important than knowing the information itself.  With OTRS 7, both the Self Service Center for your customers and the navigation for your agents provide comprehensive access to all data, documents  and information in your external and internal systems. All resources can now be consolidated and referenced in one place with the updated search functionality.

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