Feature Add-on

Automated FAQ Ticket Creator

With the help of the feature add-on automated FAQ ticket creator, it is possible to create time-controlled tickets via FAQ entries. The ticket can refer to the FAQ entry itself or to a specific task that is related to the FAQ topic. This is particularly useful in situations, such as maintenance work, where routine activities take place at large intervals. The automatically generated ticket becomes a “to do” for the employee. And, through the FAQ documentation, everyone knows the steps of the task.


An employee creates a FAQ entry for a specific maintenance task. The feature add-on will now automatically create an associated ticket after a specified period of time, reminding an employee to either renew the FAQ entry or to perform the activity described in the FAQ entry. For new employees who do not have experience, the FAQ entry makes it possible for them to perform the activity too, because the steps are clearly described in the documentation.


  • Keep FAQs up-to-date with reminders about necessary update
  • Less frequently opened “resubmission tickets”
  • Functionality can be used for one-time activities that include an end date
  • Even complex tasks can be done by new or untrained employees

Available in Service Package


Target Groups

  • IT Service Management
  • Facility Management
  • Service Providers
  • Companies with recurring activities, such as maintenance work
  • Companies with a large number of employees