Feature Add-on

Data Privacy Protection

This feature add-on helps companies comply with the rules for data deletion or anonymization of their data within OTRS. Based on customizable rules, different actions can be performed with different data types. The corresponding data can be anonymized, pseudonomized or deleted.

Data protection guidelines are legal regulations regarding data protection and privacy for individual citizens. They also address the export of personal data. The aim of such regulations is to protect all citizens from privacy and data security violations in today’s data-driven world.

Rules that are specified to protect personal data can be defined in OTRS so that they can be applied to OTRS objects, like tickets or customers, in such a way that companies will be better able to comply with rules defined by these regulations.

The aim is to delete, anonymize or pseudonymize personal data in relevant objects. A rule can define which data modification method is applied, how often, to which objects and in which level of detail.

OTRS Group assumes no liability for any lost data.


  • Predefined rules facilitate the implementation of data protection guidelines.
  • Simple to anonymize, pseudonymize or delete data

Available in Service Package


Target Groups

  • Security Management
  • IT
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources

Please Note:

This feature add-on is only available for OTRS managed.