CI Custom Search

Feature Add-on

CI Custom Search

This Feature Add-on makes it possible to use an additional user-defined search for OTRS Config Items. This adds the new menu section “Search (user defined)” to the main “CMDB” menu.

Regardless of the assigned CI class, you can now search for a specific owner and view all CIs used by the owner, such as printer, phone or email client.
You can also search for CIs in a specific CI class, as well as for a specific deployment or incident state. Moreover, you can configure the name of the newly displayed menu section and add further CI attributes you wish to use in the search mask.


  • Faster and more efficient search for OTRS Config Items related to a specific customer user
  • Simplified change management in case of new employees
  • Better customer service when a wide range of products is used by a customer

Available in Service Package


Target Groups

  • Internal IT Departments
  • External IT Service Providers
  • Customer support for a wide range of products

Please Note

This Feature Add-on requires the OTRS::ITSM Feature.