Feature Add-on

CIs in Customer Frontend

This Feature Add-on uses the ‘Customer-ID’ attribute of your CI classes and makes CIs visible in the customer frontend. The customer has read-only access to the following attributes:

  • ID of their CI
  • Name of the CI
  • Class of the CI
  • Deployment state
  • Current incident state
  • Date & time of the last update

On “mail-in” this Feature Add-on automatically links affected CIs based on the given configuration item ID found in the body of the email. It is also helpful for your Service Desk as, on ticket creation, they only have access to the CIs of the requester’s organization or department. This eases the selection of affected CIs a lot, especially if you have many CIs in your CMDB.


  • Automatic assignment of CIs saves time
  • Customers can assign CIs to new tickets

Available in Service Package


Target Groups

  • Customer Service Organizations
  • External IT Service Providers
  • Logistics
  • Technical Field Service

Please Note

This Feature Add-on requires the OTRS::ITSM Feature.