Feature Add-on

Customer-specific Services

This Feature Add-on makes it possible to assign services to customer IDs or customer users so that only the assigned service is displayed when a ticket is created in the customer portal and only the appropriate SLAs are valid.

After the installation, two new options appear in the “Customer Management“ section in the admin menu: CustomerID<->Service and CustomerUser<->Service. Here you can define

  • which services should be assigned to a customer ID (customer company) and/or
  • customer user within the same customer company.

Furthermore, you can define in the system configuration which of these options should be the leading one.


  • Efficient and well-structured administration of multiple services and SLAs for many clients
  • Avoid the creation of unwarranted tickets that stress out your service team
  • Optimal guidance for the customer regarding for which services he or she can open a ticket
  • Speed-up of ticket handling process

Target Groups

  • Internal IT Departments
  • External IT Service Providers
  • Call Centers
  • Agencies
  • Consulting Businesses
  • Companies offering a wide range of services or products