OpenBook Connector

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Feature Add-on

OpenBook Connector

This Feature Add-on makes it possible to set up authentication for OpenBook customer users and a read-only customer backend for accessing customer user data stored in Talligent’s billing and reporting solution OpenBook when using OTRS.

To set up the authentication module, you must add a piece of code to the Kernel/ file that enables the following configurations in order to access the OpenBook customer user data:

  • Define the OpenBook Api user
  • Define the OpenBook Api password
  • Define the OpenBook Api URL
  • Define the valid user roles in OTRS to access the OpenBook customer backend

To set up the OpenBook customer backend module, you must add a piece of code to the Kernel/ file that enables the following configurations:

  • Map: defines all possible fields that are visible to the customer user.
  • CustomerUserNameField: comprises all fields that are assigned to the customer user.
  • CacheTTL: defines the cache time in seconds.
  • CustomerValid: defines the name of fields in OpenBook for valid columns.
  • And many more.


  • Seamless and easy integration of OTRS with Talligent’s OpenBook
  • Authentication with an OpenBook account with restrictions for certain customer user roles in OTRS
  • Display of and search for OpenBook customer user data in OTRS
  • Better integration of service provision with billing and reporting processes

Available in Service Package


Target Groups

  • External IT
  • Internal IT
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • And many more

Please Note

Right now this Feature Add-on is only usable with OTRS 4. If you wish for it to be ported to OTRS 7, please contact our sales team at