Feature Add-on

Process Management Article Email

This Feature Add-on makes it possible to add email addresses to process management articles, as well as send them via email. This guarantees a more direct communication straight from the process and therefore increases the transparency of the process communication.

To use a process management article with this functionality, you must click on the pencil sign in the field ‘Add Article’ of a previously created process with at least one activity dialog. In the form that appears you must select ‘Email external’ or ‘Email internal’ in the dropdown field ‘ArticleType’ and click ‘Save’.

After the process has been activated, you can open a new process ticket by clicking on the option of the same name displayed after clicking on the menu option ‘Ticket.’  In the form that appears next, you can add an email address to the field ‘customer user’ — just like when you are using the regular email ticket form. The article will be sent to the chosen customer user or agent.


  • More flexible usage of the OTRS Process Management
  • Direct communication with customers or other agents straight from the process
  • Greater transparency for customers or other agents regarding the process step their request is in
  • More interactivity with the customer or other agents during the process
  • More efficient design of your business processes

Available in Service Package


Target Groups

  • Process Managers
  • External IT
  • Internal IT
  • Customer Service
  • Facility Management
  • And many more

Please Note

  • In the same activity dialog, you can use either the above-mentioned article field with email or a regular article field. Using both fields together will cause a process error.
  • Do not forget to also create a corresponding ticket notification for the event ‘ArticleCreate’ so that the email is sent.