Feature Add-on

Focus Topics

This feature add-on supports agents in keeping track of all incidents and requests that relate to a specific focus topic. This is especially helpful when many tickets are handled by different agents at the same time.

With the Feature Add-On, agents can easily and quickly identify all relevant tickets by defining the ticket properties in their personal settings, that belong to their focus topics. For each selected focus topic, agents can receive notifications, for example, when tickets are created or SLA times are reached. The available options for defining focus topics are not limited to services but include all ticket properties as well as dynamic fields.

The ticket properties for the focus topic settings in the agent preferences are enabled/disabled in the system configuration.


  • Better overview of incidents and requests
  • Better task organization
  • Focused notifications

Target Groups

  • Large companies
  • Departments with high ticket volume
  • Departments with many employees
  • Service-oriented workgroups
  • Companies with outsourced first level support