Service Responsible

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Service Responsible

Typically, an inbound ticket is first assigned to an edit group/team, known as a queue, by an agent. This agent usually has no knowledge of which employee on the respective team should handle the request. The ticket is then reopened by the team that manages the queue, and it is assigned to the person who becomes responsible for taking care of the request. This means that the ticket is dispatched two times, so to speak.

This Feature Add-on allows you to configure your system so that specific agents are associated with each service option. This way, the agent who originally receives the inbound ticket does not need to know which employee is responsible for which services, but instead chooses only the service that needs to be provided. The assignment to a person is automatically handled by the system. Now, ticket assignment only needs to happen one time.

This functionality is, for example, a big advantage when working with a paged first-level support group. In this situation, agents who handle inbound tickets do not usually know the individual employees and their skill sets. This can cause delays in correctly assigning the ticket.


  • Tickets are assigned directly to the person responsible
  • Ticket allocation is faster and more efficient
  • Assignment to outsourced first-level support is seamless

Available in Service Package


Target Groups

  • Large companies
  • Companies with a high volume of tickets
  • Companies with many employees
  • Service-oriented workgroups
  • Companies with outsourced first-level support