Transform Risk into Respond in Security Incident Management

STORM – The solution is not only for cyber defense teams

STORM powered by OTRS is our solution for security incident orchestration, automation and response. And it does so at lightning speed. It provides secure and structured communication between IT-, security-, SOC, risk- and management teams.

Security Incident Management software uses automated and predefined processes to respond to incidents. This enables security and operations teams to quickly contain threats to IT security.

SOAR Software macht Incident Management schneller & einfacher. Wir zeigen Ihnen wie STORM Cybersecurity- & SOC-Teams zu Höchstleistungen verhilft.

With these advantages, your security defense team will benefit from STORM


Activate the right tools and people immediately.


Automated IT security processes avoid errors and delays.

Incident Management

Faster prioritization, assessment and handling of incidents.

Forensics and Compliance

Audit-proof documentation to protect against future incidents.

The challenge: Unstructured incident handling

To minimize damage and contain the threat, companies need to act quickly in the event of an attack. A clear and stringent security strategy is needed so that everyone involved knows exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.

In reality, security defense teams often face the challenge of inconsistent, unstructured incident handling.

IT experts agree that clearly defined security incident management processes have the greatest impact on being able to respond quickly to incidents.

The solution: STORM as a security center

STORM is our solution for cyber defense teams because the security incident management software grabs the problem head-on and provides effective, pragmatic help for those situations where every second counts. In addition to managing orchestration, automation, and security incident response, our security solution ensures audit-proof documentation. There is also the option of sending structured incident communication directly from the solution.

How STORM helps security teams in concrete terms

With predefined processes, security incidents can be handled in a structured and fast manner.
Security incidents are also traceable in retrospect, so that best practices can be derived quickly.
Best practices reduce the effort for security defense teams and the work can be done more efficiently.
Integration options and the existing communication function avoid media breaks and security incidents can be processed centrally in just one tool. And it's all secure, encrypted, and signed.

Award-winning quality

STORM was developed by internal security experts of OTRS Group using the OTRS Service Management Software. OTRS is a globally recognized service management solution that complies with all DSGVO processes and has been used by service teams of all sizes and industries since 2001.

Under the guidance of the security expertise of the STORM team, the service management solution has been further developed into a full-fledged SOAR with the product name STORM.

Get started with STORM today and choose response over risk.

In addition, STORM has already won awards, winning the 2021 Incident Management Infosec Award in the “Cutting Edge” category.


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