Do It Your Way: OTRS 8

Fast. Modern. Secure.

Pick up Speed. OTRS 8.

Everything in your company has been going well, but are you concerned that the potential is not yet fully exploited, yet energy and willingness to change are waning? Time to act! Breathe fresh energy into your service teams by offering more speed, real-time information, maximum flexibility and optimal security.

Slow software that is not up-to-date slows down your teams which means that efficiency suffers and your employees are frustrated. But, work should be fun – especially in service teams.

Systems, procedures and processes must adapt and evolve. Today, these are tailored as individually as possible to companies, departments and special requirements – ideally even to the individual employee – just like OTRS 8 is. With OTRS 8, we give everyone the opportunity to work the way they want to.

OTRS 8 – experience service management that’s ahead of its time.

OTRS 8 is More Than Just a New Version. It Is a Leap Into Your Future.

Travel to new worlds with OTRS 8 as you:

  • Update request details and respond directly from the agent’s existing browser window.
  • Get additional information by simply hovering over customers and agents.
  • Configure change management via process management and combine it with the calendar for more automation and flexibility in handling.

But that is not all.
With OTRS 8, customers can now contact your support staff via social media channels. Plus, mobile access can also be app-based. And, agents work with their personal organizer to generate, save and manage searches.

Improved reporting functions are available and can be used without prior knowledge. For better evaluation of OTRS data, advanced analysis tools can be integrated.

And all this comes with a brand-new agent interface that can be customized. By the way: OTRS 8 was developed according to privacy and security by design principles. It includes admin-configurable two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption as a standard. And, the managed environment operates in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

Prior Optimizations Make an Update Complicated? Not at All!

OTRS 8 was developed using the proven OTRS foundation, so you benefit equally from the stability and quality of the service management software you already know while gaining the innovations of OTRS 8.

Even if you’re running an older version of OTRS, you don’t have to worry. Everything is done by our internal OTRS experts. Let us make it simple for you. Of course, an update does not involve any risk of data loss.

The development of OTRS 8 was focused on usability and ease-of-use, so your employees will be able to work productively with the new version in no time. Of course, if you want to familiarize yourself with the new features as soon as possible, we offer transition training for OTRS 8 in which our professionals give you a jump start. You see – everything is taken care of.

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