Cyber Security Awareness

It's time again – October is Cyber Security Month

The 17th year of raising awareness about cyber risks. NCSAM in times of Corona.

The Cyber Security Awareness Month

Now in its 17th year, National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) continues to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security, making sure that everyone has the resources they need to be safer and more secure online.

2020 – in times of the worldwide crisis caused by COVID-19, the topic is more relevant than ever.


The Start in 2020

Corporate cyber security operations shifted priorities so much and so quickly when the COVID-19 crisis struck. Due to the sudden increase in home office activity, chief information-security officers (CISOs) adjusted to concentrate more on establishing secure connections for newly minted remote workforces. CISOs also took steps to prevent new network threats that target remote workers and to bolster business-facing operations and e-commerce after a surge in online shopping during pandemic lockdowns.

The Challenge

The challenges that cyber security organizations faced have also spilled over to technology providers. These companies have also pivoted to keep up with customers’ shifting needs and to institute new ways of doing business.

What The Future Holds

To succeed in the post-COVID-19 era, technology providers must rethink their strategies and offerings to accommodate a new security landscape. And, they must continue to monitor customers’ needs and adjust sales, service, and training accordingly.

Although there is no way to 100% protect against attacks, businesses can implement the best possible defenses for short reaction times — the right IT security processes.

During cyber security month, OTRS Group would like to draw particular attention to the dangers of cybercrime and encourage you to be aware of them on a daily basis.

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2020 Changes Everything

A lot has changed in our private lives as well as in our professional everyday lives. Remote work and home office are suddenly on everyone’s lips, and our daily life is characterized by rules and regulations.

There are new challenges when it comes to cyber security. Large-scale adoption of work-from-home technologies, heightened activity on customer-facing networks, and greater use of online services all present fresh opportunities which hackers have been quick to exploit.

In order for processes and communication to run smoothly and safely when working remotely, teams require the security of a service management solution like OTRS. With OTRS, service quality can be maintained; resource planning can be realized despite decentralized teams; and employees will stay motivated. Most importantly it is also an excellent foundation for working and communicating as securely as possible from the home office.

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Let’s Talk About Cyber Security Strategies

Cybercrime can damage companies and cause huge losses. From individual identities being stolen to millions of dollars in data being swiped from big name brands, the effects of an attack can be huge.

Due to the rising number of IT security incidents, it is extremely important that companies have a security strategy. This doesn’t mean that they will be protected against every attack, but it allows them to ensure the best possible defense. Staying safe is about ensuring short reaction times and employing the right IT security processes.

STORM is SOAR software that enables companies to respond to attacks quickly, accurately and transparently. This security incident management solution lets you speed up the:

  • orchestration of people and tools,
  • automation of incident response processes, and
  • response via notifications, in-ticket intelligence and clear oversight.

Plus, it offers highly-secure communication and un-editable documentation that simplify forensic tasks.

Make SOAR software part of your strategy.

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We were searching for a new tool, a ticketing system…and OTRS was the best fit!
Daniel Weber, Security Engineer, SWITCH
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Spread the Message

Our focus has been on cyber security for many years, because STORM powered by OTRS helps businesses respond more quickly to cyber threats. So, we know how important it is for the entire company to become informed about information security.

Share the following videos with your team(s) to help spread awareness about the steps that every employee can take to reduce cybercrime risks.

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Benefit from our expertise: Free webinar “IT Security in times of Corona.”

The worldwide COVID 19 crisis presents us with new challenges when it comes to cyber security. The introduction of technologies for working from home, increased activity in customer-facing networks and increased use of online services offer new opportunities for hackers.

OTRS Group’s IT security expert Jens Bothe takes a closer look at the topic. He gives valuable tips on how to work safely in the home office and explains what needs to be considered in the pre-Christmas season, when cybercrime is particularly on the rise.

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Cyber Safety Tips

Our internal security experts invite you to join the OTRS Group security team and benefit from our experience.

Since more and more employees work from home these days, we face new challenges. There are more security threats outside the office than we think.

Read important safety tips for digital workers on the move.

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