Cyber Security Awareness

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

The 16th year of raising awareness about cyber risks.

The Cyber Security Awareness Month

Nobody will dispute that it is important for companies to guard against cybercrime these days. As per the 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report of the Herjavec Group, cybercrime will annually cost the world in excess of USD 6 trillion by 2021, up from USD 3 trillion in 2015. The report says that cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world, and one of the biggest problems facing mankind.Although there is no way to 100% protect against attacks, businesses can implement the best possible defenses – short reaction times and the right IT security processes.

During Cyber Security Month, OTRS Group would like to draw particular attention to the dangers of cybercrime and encourage you to be aware of them on a daily basis.

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What is Cyber Security Month?

Cyber Security Month is a global awareness campaign that promotes cyber security knowledge among citizens and organizations. It addresses the importance of information security by highlighting simple steps that can be taken to protect data, whether personal, financial or professional.

The main goals of the campaign are to:

  • raise awareness,
  • change behavior and
  • provide resources to all about how people can protect themselves online.
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Let’s Talk About Defense

Cybercrime can damage companies and cause huge losses. From individual identities being stolen to millions of dollars in data being swiped from big name brands, the effects of an attack can be manifold.

Due to the rising number of IT security incidents, it is extremely important that companies have a security strategy. That doesn’t mean that they will be

protected against every attack, but it allows them to ensure the best possible defense. Staying safe is about ensuring short reaction times and employing the right IT security processes. STORM serves as a corporate security response center, enabling companies to respond to attacks quickly, accurately and transparently.

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We were searching for a new tool, a ticketing system…and OTRS was the best fit!
Daniel Weber, Security Engineer, SWITCH
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Spread the Message

Our focus has been on cybersecurity for many years. OTRS helps businesses respond more quickly to cyber threats. So, we know how important it is for the entire company to become informed about information security.

Share the following videos with your team(s) to help spread awareness about the steps that every employee can take to reduce cybercrime risks.

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Most Companies Worldwide Are Dealing with Security Incidents Weekly or More

In the early part of September 2019, OTRS Group conducted a survey of 280 people who are currently working in the IT industry to determine the current status of incident management within their businesses.

Business size varied with 40% reporting that they support between 100 –

1,000 end users; 29% reported that they support between 1,000 – 10,000 end users.

With that survey, we wanted to get a better sense of how often attacks occur and how well prepared companies are.

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The STORM Troopers Have Met

Cybersecurity is one of the most important topics at OTRS Group. With the OTRS Security mini.Con, we established a new exclusive event for IT security managers, CERTs, SOCs and PSIRTs – the doers. The ones who have to act when an incident happens. The troopers.

Our event was a great opportunity to get together and share knowledge.

“The quality of the presentations and the content was absolutely great. It was so well organized and great to meet people from other industries.”
Ken Bonefeld Nielsen, Former Director and Head of Corporate Security, Sony Mobile

“The presentations were impressive. I could learn even more about OTRS.”
Daniel Weber, Security Engineer, SWITCH

Download presentations, read about interesting findings and see what customers had to say about their experiences at OTRS Security mini.Con.

Learn more About the mini.Con
OTRS Security mini.Con Speech

It’s it-sa Time Again

From October 8 – October 10, 2019, it-sa will once again take place in Nuremberg.
It-sa is Europe’s largest IT security exhibition and one of the most important gatherings for cloud, mobile and cyber security teams, as well as data and network security professionals, in the world.
It is a meeting place for C-Level experts, IT security officers, leaders in public service and administration, as well as for the developers and providers of IT security products and services. It offers an excellent opportunity for intensive, cross-industry dialogue. Experts provide information on current issues, strategies and technical solutions to help improve IT security.

OTRS Group will be there again this year to present its corporate security solutions during this important event.

Do not miss the presentation by our security expert Jens O. Bothe:

Everything at a Glance – Classify and Evaluate Security Incidents to Obtain a Full Picture of the Situation with STORM
Wed, October 9, 11:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Forum 10.1

Of course, we would also be happy to welcome you at our booth, No. 216 in hall 10.1.

Join us there: We look forward to an exciting exchange.

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Cyber Safety Tips

Our internal security experts invite you to join the OTRS security team so that you can benefit from our experience. Read about important and useful cyber safety tips in several areas.

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