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CONTROL powered by OTRS:
Helping ISMS teams meet
ISO/IEC 27001 standards

Helps you implement ISMS in a consistent, transparent and
demonstrably documented manner.

Documented ISMS Operations

Proven OTRS benefits.
Business logic and completeness was
assessed and certified by FOX Certification.

Risk assessment

Manage risks and opportunities,
evaluate incidents and system failures,
and take preventive action.

Information security processes

Complete compliance with all
ISO/IEC 27001 requirements.


Planning and execution for
internal and external audits.

Human resources

Support for managing
your ISMS resources.

Easily distribute knowledge

Ensure that your knowledge is
up-to-date and distributed.
Perfect for incident management.

Simplifies certification

Completely structured and qualified
processes, as well as support for
documentation needs.

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CONTROL powered by OTRS?