Environmentally Conscious Home Office: How to Make Your Home Office Greener
01/06/2020 |

Environmentally Conscious Home Office: How to Make Your Home Office Greener

When companies enable their employees to work from home, there is an enormous
CO2 savings potential that comes from eliminating the need to commute to work.
Are there other ways to make the home office even greener? Yes!

green planted building

Mobile work, home office or telecommuting – no matter what you call it, it was and still is a hotly discussed topic. In fact, many people are certainly looking spellbound at future developments in this area.

But you can’t get rid of the feeling that many employers are still reluctant to give their employees the freedom to work from home. This really makes you wonder what the reason is, because companies are desperate to become more sustainable which would actually lend support to working from home. There would be no more disposable coffee cups and printing could be done on recycled paper.

In addition, home office usage reduces costs for companies. Costs for supporting the lunchroom and restrooms are eliminated. And those who consider the home office as an additional place of work from the outset can also design their office spaces accordingly: This means that fewer workplaces would be needed and therefore less space would be used, which in turn would have an effect on heating/cooling costs and electricity consumption.

So if far fewer people were to travel to work every day, this would be the first step towards a greener world.

So if far fewer people were to travel to work every day, this would be the first step towards a greener world. But what about the second and third steps? After all, you can continue to do good for the environment from your home office, too, and since the line between home office and private life is notoriously narrow, environmental awareness will also influence your daily (private) life.

How to make the home office a little greener:

  • Use software and programs that care about the environment.
  • Save electricity and water. Unlike in the office, unplug laptops and the like at home. Some people could even use green electricity at home.
  • Compost. If you cook fresh plastic-free meals at home (which is not only good for the environment 😉 ), the waste goes into the compost.
  • Cloth towels / metal dishes. Napkins and paper towels, which you would rely on in the office, are not used at home. Instead, cloth napkins, towels for wiping counters and towels in the bathroom are used. You do not rely on plastic utensils, straws and cups from fast food stores as much either.
  • The car is not needed. The supermarket can be reached on foot or by bike.
  • Ecological cleaning products. You do not use strong chemical cleaning products at home. Instead, you can use more environmentally-friendly products.
  • Use wax wraps instead of cling film.
  • Use reusable bread bags when going to the bakery around the corner.
  • Use loose tea and/or coffee instead of pods, capsules and bags.
  • Located in Germany? Send mail with an environmentally-friendly envelope and the GoGreen stickers. By buying such labels, you support the climate protection projects of Deutsche Post.
  • Grow fruit and vegetables in the garden or on the balcony.
If everyone implements something "green" according to their personal possibilities, a lot will already have been done.

OTRS Group places a strong focus on environmental protection and sustainability through its CSR activities. Just recently we held a competition among our employees to find out what ideas we should pursue as a company to work on environment-related issues. This resulted in very creative projects, and we encourage you to keep abreast of our activities/programs via our corporate CSR website. As an initial concrete action, we have just sponsored our own beehive, both to produce honey ourselves and to contribute to the preservation of the plant world.

Are you perhaps already doing some of this? Have you gained new inspiration for making changes in the home office? What are you currently doing in your home office to live more sustainably? Environmental protection only works if everyone is working together!

And of course, if your company is interested in replacing paper-based forms, processes and record-keeping with a digital solution as a step in your own environmental protection efforts, contact us to learn how the OTRS service management solution can help.

Photos: Victor Garcia on Unsplash

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