Five Important Lessons from the Corona Crisis

Five Important Lessons from the Corona Crisis

In discussions with our managers around the world,
I heard exciting stories and learned many new points of view.

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The Corona crisis has changed our personalities and society. The crisis has affected each of us in one way or another. With all the suffering and insecurity, it is important to be able to see the positive side of the crisis and to try to look into the future with confidence. That is why I asked the Executive Board and our branch managers two questions and received extremely interesting and inspiring answers.

  1. What were the most important insights you took away from the Corona crisis?
  2. How has Corona changed your work-/ private life?

Luciano Oliveira: “Enjoy every moment”

One of the most important lessons for Luciano Oliveira, our Managing Director in Brazil, was to enjoy every moment. His father is already 99 years old, and Luciano is very happy to see him regularly via video conferencing systems. Another important realization for him was to understand how important it is right now to help people in need who have lost their jobs due to the Corona crisis and who lack food and clean housing.

The changed circumstances also have a great impact on Luciano’s family life: Shopping habits have shifted to online stores. Mental and physical health have become more important; the family is now focusing on a healthy diet plan to strengthen immunity to the corona virus. The second car in the family was sold, because it was no longer needed due to home office and home schooling.

A solid culture is the essence to survive difficult times.
Sabine Riedel

Sabine Riedel: “A solid culture is the essence to survive difficult times.”

For board member Sabine Riedel, it is an important to have a strong corporate culture: “A solid culture is the essence to survive difficult times, and difficult times are not the right time to build a team/company culture.” Good managers are particularly in demand in these times, she says, because they have to be very attentive and manage employees’ personal fears and crises individually, while at the same time strengthening the team spirit.

Sabine emphasizes that the Corona crisis is an important experience for her, a time of learning – with all the pros and cons you can imagine. “In my private as well as in my professional life, it helps me to look at people from a new point of view and with new learnings.”

Daphne Sim: “Companies that neglected crisis management had the biggest impact.”

Daphne Sim, Country Manager for Singapore, emphasizes the importance of having good crisis management. Some companies have neglected the importance of crisis management, which has been reflected in their business figures. Furthermore, adaptability and flexibility are essential. For many, the crisis has accelerated adaptability and made flexibility a prerequisite. Most could only act reactively to the current situation. Since many people are overwhelmed with emotions during a crisis, it is also important to have clear supportive communication and to build relationships.

Daphne has not necessarily experienced completely radical changes in her professional life, as she had already relied heavily on video conferencing as a means of communication in the APAC region even before Corona. However, customers who previously only wanted personal meetings suddenly became receptive to them. In her private life, the crisis has shown Daphne once again who the most important people she can relate to are.

André Mindermann: “Our business model offers a solid foundation.”

Our CEO, André Mindermann, has once again recognized that panic is not helpful in crisis situations and that, in situations like these, it is important to see caution as the highest priority.

He realized that OTRS Group’s business model provides a solid foundation, and it was prepared for crises like this one.
On a personal level, he has missed going out with friends.

Whatever you are planning to do, you should do it immediately and not put off plans or projects any longer.
Francisco Cruz

Francisco Cruz: “Everything can change from one second to the next.”

Francisco Cruz, Managing Director in Mexico, realized that everything can change in a second. Whatever you are planning to do, you should do it immediately and not put off plans or projects any longer. Moreover, the crisis has once again shown that the most important asset of a company is always its employees.

Personally, he was most affected by the fact that he had to stay away from family and friends and that people who were close to his family had to leave at once. This shows how fragile life is and how precious every single moment is.

Szilvia Sass: “Let’s move away from the mass consumer and live a simpler live.”

Szilvia Sass, Country Manager for Hungary, realized that it is actually possible to work from home efficiently. Despite the challenges that home schooling caused she enjoyed having more time with her kids. She also noticed during this time that we don´t have to buy all the stuff that we thought before we would need. It is a good development to move a away from mass consumerism and live a simpler live.

Szilvia actually got a second job during the pandemic: She also became a teacher for her kids which was challenging and funny at the same time. She thought she would be better at mathematics. 🙂

How have you been? What lessons could you learn from the Corona crisis? We look forward to hearing your statements – perhaps soon again in in-person dialog. Until then, stay healthy!

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One thought on “Five Important Lessons from the Corona Crisis

  1. Be grateful!

    What I personally learned from this crisis is to be grateful!
    I have an attractive job and I am able do all my task out of the home office (a wonderful place – by the way!) I have no cutback in money, like some friends of mine and can therefore buy all my Christmas presents and pay my bills. I am still healthy, as my family is! I can meet my pretty daughters and we have still contact although i was a really strict mother! 😉 So – be grateful and happy! Life isn’t all beer and skittles.

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