Individual Customer Needs Require Solutions
29/06/2020 |

Individual Customer Needs Require Solutions

To meet all challenges, companies must adapt systems,
procedures and processes and change them over time.
Today, solutions are in demand.

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In the IT industry, a solution is understood to be software or a combination of software and hardware for a very specific task. In other words, it serves to solve an individual problem of the customer. Software companies that develop and/or distribute such application programs are also called solution providers, unlike system software manufacturers.

Today, real solutions are more important than ever, especially in the IT sector, because the areas of customer service and support have changed and developed considerably in recent years.
The digital transformation has advanced a lot within just a few years and will continue to ensure that the prerequisites, circumstances and requirements change ever faster in the future. And this with ever more complex tasks and processes.
Especially in customer service, this plays a decisive role – both internally and externally.
Service is often one of the most important ways to stand out from the competition. Between internal departments and external service providers, efficient and smooth communication are essential factors for the success of a company.

All the more reason why real solutions are needed today – in the truest sense of the word.

Systems, procedures and processes must not only run reliably and be as secure as possible, but must also adapt and change over time. In many companies today, they are tailored as individually as possible to very special requirements.
All the more reason why real solutions are needed today – in the truest sense of the word. Because only they can meet individual customer needs.
That’s why we also see OTRS as a solution desk.

Our service management software supports companies in handling the concerns of internal and external customers in an optimal and efficient way. It includes service management tools, enables the automation of tickets and processes and offers a wide range of different functionalities that can be integrated as required.

A Solution Desk for Diverse Areas:

  • It serves as a reliable and flexible ITSM tool.
  • It enables better customer service as a customer service software solution.
  • It functions as SOAR software and optimally covers requirements in security incident management and vulnerability management.
  • It simplifies facility management with its ticket system.
  • It manages HR tasks.
  • It provides a flexible tool for all hotlines and call centers.
  • It structures the workflows for your document management.
  • It creates an optimal overview for housing management.
  • It offers smooth fleet management.
  • It avoids bottlenecks in resource management.
  • It ensures smooth ordering and highest customer satisfaction.

In principle, OTRS is used as a solution desk wherever flexible, reliable and structured communication with customers is required.

OTRS is one of the most versatile communication tools on the market. Numerous configuration options leave you free to customize the software exactly to your needs. OTRS provides well over 50 feature add-ons and is especially designed for professional use in the business area. The limits of OTRS are not determined by the software, but only by your imagination.
Christopher Kuhn, COO OTRS AG

A solution desk like OTRS is therefore a real enterprise service management tool and offers solutions for different deployment scenarios.

IT Service Management

IT service management requires software that not only collects service requests transparently in one system and makes them easier to process, but also supports work processes that are on-demand and often even ITIL-compliant, such as service asset & configuration management, knowledge management and change management.

OTRS meets both requirements without restrictions and without unnecessary complexity. With OTRS Process Management, IT processes can be mapped in an ITIL® V3-compliant manner and introduced step-by-step in the company or adapted to changing needs – without having to change the software significantly.

Customer Service

OTRS ensures easy handling and optimal accessibility. The employees can work efficiently and save resources. In addition, OTRS can be seamlessly adapted to work processes without additional development effort. In cloud-based operation, OTRS saves your own IT resources and thus saves valuable time.

Information security is an important point in process management, especially with the commitment to ISO/IEC 27001.

Security Management

Our products for corporate security solutions can be optimally used for the realization of security strategies and the implementation of security requirements.
Completely encrypted communication processes, guaranteed authenticity with PGP & S/MIME, clear processes in incident management, proactive information through automatic notifications and monitoring of various processes at a glance are just some of the advantages.

Information security is an important point in process management, especially with the commitment to ISO/IEC 27001. We offer the best prerequisites for the audit-proof mapping of structured processes. With CONTROL, you receive a tool for the complete fulfilment of the requirements of an ISMS according to ISO/IEC 27001.
Security teams profit above all from STORM. In addition to sophisticated templates for security processes, e.g. security incident management, STORM offers a platform for exchanging experiences with the OTRS Cyber Security Community and a carefully compiled bundle of functions for security-critical workflows.

Facility Management

As a facility management ticketing system, OTRS offers many functionalities to better structure and support your tasks through automation and to increase the quality of your services. The linchpin is the transparent and efficient communication with customers in case of fault reports, maintenance work, fleet and key management.

Human Resources

Transparent internal and external communication as well as perfect documentation and audit-proof filing are particularly important in this area. OTRS helps HR departments to professionalize their applicant management and also supports you in ongoing HR management, such as processing sick leave and vacation requests.

Call Center

Incoming inquiries should be answered as quickly as possible and employees should be busy but not overloaded. OTRS supports you in this. With numerous functions that can be integrated variably, the quality of customer service is optimized and costs are reduced.

Document Management

The constantly growing flood of information poses challenges for companies. How can they be processed, coordinated, released and documented? A high degree of transparency in the coordination and release of documents, revision security and traceability as well as clear recording and storage of data are required. As a document workflow management software, OTRS can make these processes smoother and moreover, it can adapt flexibly.

OTRS also helps to immediately involve all parties concerned.

Property Management

Here, it is necessary to coordinate and process requests from different parties. This involves dealing with tenants, landlords, service providers and suppliers, and in some cases the roles are changed. OTRS provides access to all important information about the respective tenants, but also about responsible caretakers and thus immediately determines the right contact person. Using appointments and notes, topics can be defined and assigned accordingly in the Appointment Calendar. So nothing important is forgotten anymore. OTRS also helps to immediately involve all parties concerned.

Fleet Management

Managing cars, ships or bicycles includes insurance issues, damage reports, repair coordination, but also economic aspects. The use of a flexible database with correspondingly registered assets is helpful for this. In OTRS, different statuses such as “in use” or “in repair” can be assigned, and insurance policies etc. can be attached to transactions. Damage reports are displayed and at the same time the corresponding department is informed that a car has to be repaired. The management of a vehicle fleet also includes the documentation of expenses.

Ressource Management

With OTRS, resources such as personnel can be managed. With the help of the OTRS Resource Calendar all employees can be registered and assigned to the corresponding appointments. Bottlenecks and capacities, but also responsibilities are thus visible at a glance.

Procurement and Order Management

Nobody wants disgruntled customers. OTRS starts with the order status and makes it easily visible in the ticket. To ensure that deliveries are made on time and to the right place, OTRS also makes it easier to coordinate an order and allows the visualization of the planned delivery date including reminders in the calendar. Orders often go through several approval steps, which can be easily mapped in OTRS. The efficient processing of returns also contributes to customer satisfaction.

From Hotlines to Solution Desk

The development of the solution desk is closely linked to the history and was carried out according to the needs and requirements that arose.

It began with hotlines. At that time it was still primarily about telephone exchange. It soon became clear that more was needed to really meet customer concerns. So the helpdesk was set up with an already significantly expanded support offer. Employees could now also be contacted via email and remote sessions were offered for the first time.

Due to the ever increasing number of inquiries and customer concerns, the helpdesk needed to be further professionalized. Today’s service desk was created – also influenced by the developments of the ITIL standard.

And what does the future hold?

Because only real solutions can meet the now highly individual customer needs and requests and be of lasting help.

We at OTRS Group believe in a solution culture. Because only real solutions can meet the now highly individual customer needs and requests and be of lasting help. That is why we develop our software under exactly these aspects – as a solution desk.
Thus, the aging service desk of your company itself becomes a solution desk. For more efficiency, time and cost savings.


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