Score Big Customer Service Results with Personalization
17/02/2020 |

Score Big Customer Service Results with Personalization

Global survey supports need for software personalization
with 82 percent reporting that easy-to-use software
has a positive impact on service delivery.

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How should software be designed so that users feel comfortable with it and are able to deliver better service?

In January, OTRS Group conducted a global survey of 500 workers who deal with customers on a daily basis. The majority of respondents (62 percent) confirmed that, when working with software, personalization is very important. In fact, a total of 97 percent consider it important that their software has the necessary flexibility to be able to modify and change it according to their working style. Despite the obvious importance of software personalization from the agent viewpoint, the majority of those surveyed (71 percent) say that they see potential for improvement in their current CRM or help desk software solution.

82% say easy-to-use software positively impacts effective service delivery

The user experience plays a major role for most respondents (72 percent), of which personalization is naturally a part. But for 24 percent of respondents, how easy the software is to use is the most important factor leading to a good user experience. 33 percent of those surveyed worldwide said that it had a moderate impact and 49 percent said that it has a huge impact on the quality of customer service if the systems that service staff work with are easy to use.

So how should software be designed so that its users feel comfortable with it?

This is also the case when working with software: A modern, innovative and intuitive user interface increases user satisfaction and thus employee efficiency.

Incorporate an innovative user interface that is personizable

In an environment where people feel comfortable, they have fun and can do their best. This is also the case when working with software: A modern, innovative and intuitive user interface increases user satisfaction and thus employee efficiency. Everyone can work in the way they feel most comfortable. The ability to configure one’s user account as desired increases the feel-good factor. With the possibility to change colors and avatars, create personal lists, or customize the screen layout, the user can set up his work to optimally meet his individual needs.

Embrace multi-channel communication

If you have a problem, what is your preferred channel for contacting customer service? According to the OTRS Group survey, the majority (33 percent) pick up the phone to call a service representative. In Germany, more than half (51 percent) prefer this channel. Twenty-eight percent of all respondents prefer to write an e-mail, followed by communication via social media channels (16 percent) and online chat (15 percent). So if solution desk software incorporates multi-channel communication, agents and customers can work together in a way that best matches their work style.

Use a mobile app to work from anywhere

Personalize where you work too! When service agents and managers have the possibility to access software conveniently from anywhere, it also increases the positive user experience. In fact, as many as 77 percent say that they use a mobile app daily or more to take care of business matters. Today, accessing key information via an app — like ticket lists or customer information — is expected. Sure, users still like having the option for full functionality available via a mobile browser, but sometimes they simply need faster access to information on-the-go and having an app gives them that flexibility.

All of these personalization needs and many more have been implemented in OTRS 8, which of course continues to make security a top priority too with end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, modern password guidelines, and our own processes that align with GPDR requirements. Learn more about our newest Release, that will be available on March 27, 2020.

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