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Grey market providers proliferate and can have dangerous consequences. How you can be sure to buy directly from the software manufacturer and stay innovative for the future.

Both software manufacturers and producers of consumer products are facing increased challenges with grey market providers. It is not uncommon for buyers to buy a product because it is particularly cheap and only available within a certain time frame. Afterwards, the disappointment is often great because expectations are not met and the purchase decision can no longer be reversed.

Grey-market suppliers are everywhere, but it pays to buy from the manufacturer.

Whenever a product or solution is successful and finds many buyers, others try to imitate it or sell it through alternative, often illegal, distribution channels. The sad thing is that it is not obvious to buyers at first glance and they only regret their purchase when it is already too late.

OTRS software is also repeatedly sold on the grey market. Some of these vendors present themselves as if they were the original software manufacturer of OTRS. We have often had to deal with customers who bitterly regret having worked with grey market providers. For example, the software was not sufficiently patched, resulting in security gaps. In another case, a company wanted to “upgrade,” which was no longer possible because of the poorly done custom coding. This resulted in expensive costs that could have been avoided.

It is worthwhile to check the following arguments before buying

Particularly when you’re purchasing software, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the purchase and check the following:

  • Does the provider have authorization to sell this solution? They should be able to provide a license from the software manufacturer to do so.
  • What would the contract look like? Will I have to rely on myself after the purchase – or will I get support in the form of advice, hosting, etc.? Can I also book entire training courses for several employees, if necessary?
  • How exactly will my data and that of my customers be protected? Are the GDPR, LGPD or other local regulation sufficiently taken into account? How does the provider adapt to new regulations?
  • How exactly can the software be adapted to my current and changing needs as well as those of my company?
  • Can I easily extend the software to branches abroad? Will I be able to get it in different languages and also obtain the corresponding support?
  • Can I use the software to its full potential? Or do I have to quickly book expensive additional functions to achieve my goals?

Customer needs are our top priority

As a software manufacturer, we always find it a pity that companies fall into the trap of grey market providers. We know how great the disappointment is when expectations are not met and a purchase ultimately turns out to be a “big zero.”

That is why customer needs come first for us.

That is why customer needs come first for us. With the discontinuation of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition, we have set a new course to exploit the full innovative power of OTRS. There are vendors who will continue to develop a fork of the Community Edition – however, because they are not the provider, they can hardly advise clients to the extent that they need to and are not able to take them to the next level.

We focus on innovation and mega trends

The Corona crisis has shown us how quickly situations, working conditions, needs and goals can change. This is not the only reason why innovation is a priority for us. The newly established Research & Prototyping team, which operates under the umbrella concept of Solution Management, is continuously researching topics. The following mega-trends play a key role in this.

Conferencing & Communication: The demand for video & voice conferencing solutions integrated in OTRS has increased, not least due to working in the home office. Many employees miss the personal exchange – and being able to see each other during meetings to capture moods can be a good substitute. OTRS AG is evaluating options to enable customers to seamlessly use OTRS in combination with video and voice conferencing.

Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things networks physical objects (things of any kind) with each other and maps them in a virtual representation. This is a crucial step toward saving valuable working time. Through integration with OTRS, faults could be registered and processed by things.

Security Information & Event Management: SIEMs are specialized systems that analyze diverse data sources. In case of deviations from a recognized regularity, they trigger certain actions. By integrating the security solution STORM powered by OTRS, activities can be triggered in order to initiate the necessary countermeasures, for example. This is an ideal opportunity to practice for the “worst case” and to be prepared for it.

Regardless of whether you host yourself or prefer the all-round carefree package in the cloud, regardless of whether you belong to a small or large company, regardless of whether you work in a home office or an office building, OTRS AG accompanies you safely into the future. See for yourself here.

Photos: Berk Ozdemir via Pexels

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