Three Tips for Making Better Use of the OTRS Customer Service Center
07/09/2020 |

Three Tips for Making Better Use of the OTRS Customer Service Center

The OTRS Customer Service Center is where customers can
contact you. So design it according to your requirements and those of your customers.

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One feature that draws customers to OTRS as their service management solution is the customer service center communication channel. This browser-based portal is completely customizable, which allows you to communicate necessary information to your end users in an easy-to-understand way that matches your company’s branding guidelines.

Customer service center customization options mean that information of any type can be shared with customers.

Here is a sample of one way in which the customer service center could be configured. Here, end users can create their own service requests and quickly access any open requests for information about request status. They also find fast easy access to the information and tools they need to stay productive.


Customer service center customization options mean that information of any type can be shared with customers. Here are three popular ways that customers use the service center to aid their end users, thereby saving time for their service teams.

1. Sharing Processes via Link Lists

Put an end to time consuming “How do I do this?” and “Who do I contact?” questions that your team constantly has to answer by better promoting your pre-defined processes. Simply login to your administrator dashboard and navigate to the home page tile.


Then, create a link list. For list type, select “Add the items manually.” For each process you want to highlight, add a new row. Use the following format to create a link that allows someone to directly start a process ticket: /external/ticket/create/process?ProcessID=Process-bd72aff7ed2918a3dc01cf3637729b90 (Replace Process-bd72aff7ed2918a3dc01cf3637729b90 with the ID of your own process.)


When you’re finished, your customer service center will display a link list that is similar to this. (Of course, the look of it will depend on your company’s branding.)


2. Offering Direct Links to Vendors And Other External Resources

Another good thing about the link lists is that they don’t only have to contain information related to your OTRS system. They can contain any links: You can create lists that reference external links too, so you can share information from vendors, suppliers, or any type of partner.

Take a look at how the customer service center might be used in an HR setting to make finding training options easier:

3. Highlighting New Services, Features or Announcements via Image Teasers

Of course, lists are great, but the visual appeal of the image teasers is powerful for catching an end user’s eye. Use these to draw attention to critical information and updates. It’s almost like a mini advertisement.

We’ve seen customers use this widget for:

  • Sharing exciting media hits
  • Promoting discounts
  • Educating users about lesser-known features
  • Highlighting new learning opportunities
  • Promoting webinars and upcoming events
  • Notifying people of server downtime or schedule changes
  • Requesting survey feedback
  • Displaying sneak peek information
  • Linking to often-requested templates

The list of uses for an image teaser is endless. It’s limited only by the needs of your customers.

Having a channel on which customers can rely for the information and access that they need to stay productive can save both you and your users time. They can find what they need fast, and you can answer fewer questions along the way.

What would you include in your lists? How would you use the image teasers? What unique information have you seen shared using these tools?


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