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WhatsApp for Customer Service – A Guideline

This guideline showcases the ease of customer service (CS) support through OTRS customer service software by leveraging WA Business. Learn the need-to-know basics of the platform and the blueprint for implementing WA into your business CS structures.

What is WhatsApp Business?

Most know WhatsApp as a personal mobile messenger app used by over 2.24 billion people globally. Since the launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018, more than 500 million businesses have adopted the app. They use it to communicate with their customers.

The customer-centric application provides various forms of conversation, connection, and protection for businesses and consumers. In a survey on global customer service leaders, OTRS Group found that 80% of countries view WhatsApp as one of their top omnichannel communications platforms. After all, customer expectations have evolved such that instant support is the norm.

WhatsApp Business is perfect for many business needs, but our focus is great customer service. To begin, we need to know the products WhatsApp offers.

WhatsApp Business ist perfekt für viele geschäftliche Anforderungen, aber unser Fokus liegt auf einem hervorragenden Kundenservice. Als Erstes müssen wir uns mit den Produkten vertraut machen, die WhatsApp anbietet.

WhatsApp Business App vs. WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Company offers two business versions of the software. WhatsApp Business App is tailored to small businesses and has a similar look and feel to the consumer application version. The advanced version, WhatsApp Business API (Application Programming Interface), was created for large businesses to integrate into their software.

See the chart below for an overview of the two:

Unterschiede von WhatsApp Business API vs. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business API vs. WhatsApp Business

You’ll notice the biggest difference between the two platforms is that the app version allows only one user only on a mobile device, while the API version allows unlimited users and desktop software integration. This gives mid to large-sized corporations the ability to provide customers with strategic, detailed, and personal customer interactions. While the app version may not have as many business perks, it is perfect for micro to small-sized companies that want to provide their clients with personable customer service.

WhatsApp Business Tools Explained

WhatsApp customer service software offers a wide variety of features. Below are some terms and definitions offered by WA Business App and API.

  • Automated messages help speedup the conversations with customers.
    • Greeting messages automatically respond to new chats.
    • Away messages automatically respond outside of working hours.
    • Quick replies are personalized messages for frequently asked questions or quick input.
  • Broadcasts are mass text message campaigns sent to many contacts. They have a limited number of 256 contacts with the WhatsApp Business App. The API version offers unlimited.
  • Groups allow business users to create and manage group chats by inviting users through a special message that protects users from spam and unsolicited messages. Business API users cannot participate in the groups: App users can.
  • Label conversations allow businesses to manage contacts with labels, which are ideal for creating broadcast lists.
  • Session messages allow the customer to start the message with your business account and allow your business 24 hours to respond. This is giving customers a sense of control.
  • Shorten links & QR codes offer a convent way for consumers to reach your WhatsApp Business profile across all platforms. This makes it a handy marketing tool.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business for Customer Service

WhatsApp is the largest global messaging platform. Its genius is that it goes directly to the source, also known as customers. Businesses adopting the platform are making a positive shift towards omnichannel communication, which means providing customers with seamless communication no matter what channel they use. WhatsApp platforms are fast, simple, and convenient for all users – yes, you to business owners.

Branded business profile

With the application, you can create a business profile including images, working hours, and website links. You can also showcase your products in the catalog feature.

See the example below.

WhatsApp business profile

Sandra's Cakes highlights the most important thing for curious customers.

Personalized conversations

WhatsApp Business offers personalization and branded automation messages gaining more trust and loyalty from your customers. With the application’s multimedia communication options, the branding your team can do is unmatched! They can send appointment reminders, shipping info, order alerts, product notifications, demonstrations, videos, verification codes, boarding passes, and more. This makes every customer service interaction that much more personable and improves the customer service experience.

WhatsApp Business - conversation

WhatsApp Business - conversation

Employee and customer satisfaction

WhatsApp privacy policy it’s just one more thing that makes the app user-friendly, trusting, and in turn popular. With its end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, you and your customers feel confident with privacy and confidentiality while doing business.

Integrating WhatsApp Business

Businesses are now, more than ever, showing up to the channels their customers use. Luckily, the WhatsApp Business App and API are super easy to integrate.

If you’re an up-and-coming or side hustle business, the best option is to:

  • download the application on a mobile device,
  • sign up for your business account, and
  • start marketing your WhatsApp account so that customers know to reach you this way.

As for mid to larger-sized businesses, integrate WhatsApp Business API with your e-commerce software tools. The WA Business application programming interface uses the front end of its platform, making it easier for you to do so.

For more information on how to use customer service through social media platforms, check out Excelling in Customer Service Through Social Media – Best Practices and Tips.

WhatsApp and OTRS

Now with OTRS, you can connect to WhatsApp Business for communication, support, and customer service. Integration opens a new world of functionalities in your customer service team, increases good customer experiences, and minimizes bad experiences.


  • Customer queries via a new WhatsApp chat equals a new ticket in your OTRS
  • Exchanging information about products or services easily, including details such as images, PDFs, links, and more.
  • Process management structures stay intact, ensuring tickets reach the right team.
  • 24-hour customer service support with automated responses, integrated bots, and saving resources.

Want to know more?

Good customer service means that your existing customer is more likely to be retained and tell others about your brand. So, learn how to integrate WhatsApp messages into your OTRS solution.

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