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ADVANCED ANALYTICS Delivers The Right Insights For The Future of Your Business

With ADVANCED ANALYTICS, you not only gain insight into your OTRS business data, but also have a data analysis tool that improves quality and performance in your company. In contrast to pure reporting or statistics functionalities, ADVANCED ANALYTICS is not about snapshots. Rather, it is about data evaluations that provide you with real insights. Data is put into perspective, comparisons are drawn, and dependencies are made apparent. Our browser-based solution provides dashboards and visualizations – a perfect foundation for making optimization decisions.


Knowing is not enough, you need to take action.
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Gain new insights into your data and optimize processes, structures, communication behavior, processing time, scheduling and the use of knowledge databases. In this way, you continuously increase customer satisfaction, quality and performance in your company.

  • Analyze and understand peaks and exceptions.
  • Reduce content with real-time search and filter criteria.
  • Compare data with previous periods and identify trends.
  • Analyze the volume of communications to improve your efficiency.
  • Analyze trends in customer inquiries and prevent churn.
  • Improve the effectiveness and quality of knowledge.

What Does It Look Like in Practice?

Dashboard Overview Statistics ADAVANCED ANALYTICS

Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards and visualizations for advanced data analytics
Business analysts gain insight into the data of business objects to assess and improve quality standards and performance within the company. Decision makers have all the data and information needed to optimize business areas.

Analysis time range selection
Analysts can use this functionality to focus on specific time ranges and choose from predefined options. For example, they can focus on the last year, the last 30 minutes, etc., helping them to analyze and understand peaks or exceptions. The only prerequisite is that data is available across multiple operating days, or better yet, years.

Data search and filter bars
Reduce the entire dashboard contents to defined search and filter criteria. You can search by full text and filter by specific values. If data is retrieved across multiple categories and types, our data search and filter bar solutions are made for you.

Ticket Analysis

Complex time analysis regarding ticket creation.
Identify trends by the amount of tickets created. Understand the causes and what they mean. This time analysis can be used to evaluate how many tickets are created compared to this year, last year, 2 years ago and other complex aggregations. All that is needed is ticket data from multiple years of operation, and you can leverage our complex ticket creation time analysis solutions for your success.

Ticket Create Statistics ADAVANCED ANALYTICS
Communication Statistics ADAVANCED ANALYTICS

Communication Analysis

Analysis tools for communication data and other items.
Create overviews of communication. Analyze how many rounds of communication are common and required until the successful resolution of a case. If analyzing communication behavior can improve the effectiveness of your service department, our communication data analytics tools are perfect for you.

Customer Analysis

Customer ticket analysis
Identify customers who could potentially leave due to too many issues with products or services by determining who is creating the most – or most costly – tickets. Maintaining a good customer relationship often requires you to drill down into just this level of sensitive data. Our solution for analyzing customer tickets provides you with optimal support in this regard.

Top 20 Customers Statistics ADAVANCED ANALYTICS

Knowledge Analysis

Analysis tools for data collected by knowledge base articles.
Create knowledge usage summaries to improve the effectiveness and quality of knowledge base content. If knowledge management reports are needed, our solution for analysis tools based on collected knowledge base data is what you need.

Appointment Analysis

Appointments analysis
This feature allows you to identify how many appointments were created compared to last year, two years ago, or other complex aggregations. This helps you identify and understand trends in the number of scheduled meetings and on-site service appointments, as well as increases and decreases in change requests. When service appointments, meetings, room reservations and other events are stored in calendars, everything you need is there. Our appointment analysis solution is an important tool for you.

Appointment Statistics ADAVANCED ANALYTICS


All you need is an active OTRS GOLD, TITANIUM or PLATINUM contract. ADVANCED ANALYTICS then comes with its own service level agreement for you.


ADVANCED ANALYTICS is a web-based application and is ready to use without any consulting. A one-time introduction by our Customer Solution Team is included. In addition, ADVANCED ANALYTICS is fully managed and operated by our Customer Solution Team.