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Experience a world of possibility
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Customize OTRS to your specific needs with a wide range of functions.
Feature availability is independent of the service package.

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Channels Fax
Channels SMS
Channels Customer Portal
Channels Telephone
Channels Chat with Video
Channels Email

Ticket Management

Ticket Management Service Catalog
Ticket Management Draft Mode for Notes & Emails
Ticket Management Create Internal Notes
Ticket Management Response Templates & Text Modules
Ticket Management Ticket Bulk Action
Ticket Management Link Tickets
Ticket Management Create Parent/Child Tickets
Ticket Management Watch Tickets
Ticket Management Split Tickets & Summarize
Ticket Management Track Tickets
Ticket Management Prioritize & Assign Tickets

Security & Permissions

Security & Permissions Display of Information from External Sources Directly in the Ticket
Security & Permissions Use of Postmaster Filters for Incoming Encrypted Emails
Security & Permissions Encryption & Signing of Ticket Notifications
Security & Permissions Use of S/MIME Certificates from the LDAP
Security & Permissions Encryption via S/MIME & PGP
Security & Permissions Data Transfer via SSL
Security & Permissions 2-Factor Authentication
Security & Permissions Owner & Responsible Assignment
Security & Permissions Role & Access Control Management

Automation & Processes

Automation & Processes Create Forms and Link Them to Processes
Automation & Processes Service Transition::Service Transition Planning and Support
Automation & Processes Service Transition::Service Asset and Configuration Management
Automation & Processes Service Transition::Release and Deployment Management
Automation & Processes Service Transition::Knowledge Management
Automation & Processes Service Transition::Change Evaluation
Automation & Processes Service Operation::Service Validation and Testing
Automation & Processes Service Operation::Request Fulfillment Management
Automation & Processes Service Operation::Problem Management
Automation & Processes Service Operation::Incident Management
Automation & Processes Service Operation::Event Management
Automation & Processes Service Operation::Access Management
Automation & Processes Service Design::Supplier Management
Automation & Processes Service Design::Service Level Management
Automation & Processes Service Design::Service Design Coordination (Individual Design)
Automation & Processes Service Design::Continuity Management
Automation & Processes Service Design::Catalog Management
Automation & Processes Service Design::Availability Management (reactiv)
Automation & Processes Service Design::Availability Management (proactiv)
Automation & Processes Material Return
Automation & Processes Travel Expenses
Automation & Processes Office Material Request
Automation & Processes Room Booking
Automation & Processes Leave Request
Automation & Processes Create Individual Processes
Automation & Processes Automatic Ticket Notifications

Time Management

Time Management Escalation Management
Time Management Help Pop-ups for SLAs
Time Management SLA Management
Time Management Definition of Solution & Reminder Times
Time Management Time Zone Support
Time Management Time Recording
Time Management Definition of Business Hours
Time Management Diary and Resource Management


Integration XSLT Mapping
Integration Storing and Displaying Information from External Databases in the Ticket
Integration Connectors for SAP, Baramundi, BMC, CTI, Jira, Bugzilla, OTRS
Integration System Monitoring, e.g. to Nagios, Icinga
Integration Generic Interface via SOAP + REST

Customer Management

Customer Management Individual Contact Fields
Customer Management Customer Center
Customer Management Link Several Companies to a Contact

Knowledge Management & Self Service

Knowledge Management & Self Service Surveys
Knowledge Management & Self Service OTRS Customer Portal
Knowledge Management & Self Service Knowledge Base


Individualization High-Contrast Skin for Barrier-Free Access
Individualization User-Specific Dashboard Design
Individualization Individual Configuration of Additional Ticket Fields
Individualization Branded Theme Customization


Reporting Display in the Dashboard
Reporting CSV/PDF Export
Reporting Compiling Statistics with Previews
Reporting Report Generator


Performance Additional Instances*
Additional Instances*

* Optional, please contact the OTRS Sales Team for a separate quote at: sales@otrs.com

Performance Ticket Archiving

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