New Features in STORM

A Modern STORM
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Cyber Attacks Will Be Blown Away

17 New Features

New Features
for our SOAR Software STORM

17 new ways STORM supports you in preventing cyber threats quickly and efficiently. All yours as part of STORM.


Productivity Features. Faster Overview and Simplified Workflows.

Quick access to information increases productivity and saves valuable time. Tagging of already analyzed attachments and incidents leads to significant time savings. The ability to process email articles, including headers, via web services simplifies many workflows in SPAM and virus prevention.

Integration of Hardware Security Modules. Secure Handling Of Keys for Secure Communication.

High-level cryptographic key protection. Often, controlled access to server file systems is not considered a sufficient safeguard for cryptographic keys. One solution is the use of hardware security modules (HSM).

New Safety Features. Automate day-to-day handling of security analysis.

Automate the daily work of security analysts so that they have more time for essential tasks. Convert a PDF to an image automatically with a few quick steps. Block external traffic with no impact on performance. Vulnerabilities are reduced.

Good News. There's even more to come in the future.

Future Features

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