Release Note

OTRS 8 Patch Level 19

February 7, 2022 — OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of the OTRS service management suite, including the fully managed OTRS solution and the ITIL® 4-compliant IT service management software OTRS::ITSM, today announces the first release of the OTRS 8 patch level 19.


Important for Upgrading

Please consult our Update Guide for detailed instructions.


  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.
  • Added needed changes to be able to implement OTRSAdvancedTicketOverview package.
  • Improved search profiles migration to skip profile ‘last-search’.
  • Implemented a cache for looking up ticket numbers to improve performance.
  • Improved support for screen readers by adding missing translations of announcer messages.
  • Made the filter bar in the agent interface responsive to be better usable even on mobile devices.
  • Fixed npm audit issues.
  • Improved accessibility for links and buttons.
  • Improved performance while fetching user lists by turning off out of office functionality.
  • Improved – make sure Node version is below v15.0.0.


Bug Fixes

  • Ticket#2021061642004392 – OTRS smart tags for dynamic fields are not working in an auto response of type ‘auto reply’ after the ticket is created.
  • Ticket#2021080442000931 – Misleading default value in form configuration of forward article action.
  • Ticket#2021082342000959 – Support bundle includes huge otrs.DocumentSearchDeprecation.log file (over 1GB).
  • Ticket#2022011142001768 – Sequence flow condition not recognized in case of value 0.
  • Ticket#2021121542000626 – “Customer is invalid” note is shown in the customer information widget, but the customer is valid.
  • Ticket#2021030442001083 – Web service debugger has issues with more than 1.000 entries if Oracle is used.
  • Ticket#2021091042001186 – Dynamic field type attachment makes article mandatory in process when uploading attachment.
  • Ticket#2021102642000431 – Severe performance issues when creating statistics on systems with high amount of dynamic fields.
  • Ticket#2021120842000587 – Template field does not show up during creation of a process ticket when queue is changed.
  • Ticket#2021102742001464 – OTRS root user (root@localhost) sets himself to invalid-temporarly.
  • Ticket#2021101442000971 – Flickering issue in the multiselect dynamic field.
  • Ticket#2020052142000764 – Setting ChatEngine::DefaultChatChannel does not work.
  • Ticket#2021121442000762 – Dropdown is hiding parts of the preview of an organizer item.
  • Ticket#2021102042000914 – Date/DateTime dynamic fields do not show time zone information in the notifications.
  • Ticket#2021113042000948 – ACLs does not work any more after update to OTRS 8.0.18.
  • Ticket#2021110442000407 – Usage of Date/DateTime dynamic fields as OTRS tag in notification does not work with customers time zone.
  • Ticket#2021110842000669 – Links in emails seems to be truncated at the first blank in the url.
  • Ticket#2021102042001762 – Process tickets are difficult to use with Safari.
  • Ticket#2020053042000131 – Usability in input fields for customer users and recipient.
  • Ticket#2021112542001733 – Lost signing information after refresh.
  • Ticket#2021111942001941 – Notification gets sent to invalid customer users.
  • Ticket#2020091642003835 – Selection of customers does not show correct information.
  • Ticket#2021112342000471 – Templates in the process management dialogs are not working.


Browser Support

  • JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

We recommend to use the latest version of your browser, because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.


  • OTRS 9 will not support Internet Explorer anymore.
  • OTRS 9 will not support Oracle as application database anymore.


OTRS Group managed customers who are using product versions that are reaching end of maintenance and support must be updated by our Customer Solution Team by scheduling an individual maintenance appointment in order to continue receiving necessary releases and support. OTRS On-Premise customers must obtain a newer product version by ordering our migration services.

Release Details

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    OTRS 8 Patch Level 19
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