OTRS Security mini.Con

The Event on Cyber Security and Incident Management

OTRS Security mini.Con

With OTRS Security mini.Con, we have launched a new exclusive event for IT security managers, CERTs, SOCs and PSIRTs – the doers. The ones who have to act when an incident happens. The Troopers.

OTRS Security mini.Con Speech

Our event was well attended and a great opportunity to get together and share knowledge.

Not only was the networking and exchange of experiences between participants important, but the numerous lectures were also eagerly followed and discussions were encouraged.

This Was the Program:

  • Keynote speech “Cyber Crisis Management” by Ken Bonefeld Nielsen, Former Director and Head of Corporate Security, Sony Mobile
  • Time to meet the speaker / Coffee break
  • Automated Reports with IntelMQ and STORM by Daniel Weber, SWITCH
  • Automated Data Enrichment in the STORM Process Management Engine by Jens O. Bothe, OTRS AG
  • Time to meet the speaker / Lunch
  • STORM and the GDPR by Matthias Terlinde, T-Systems International
  • Security by Design in OTRS 8 by Martin Gruner, OTRS AG
  • Time to meet the speaker / Coffee break
  • mini.Bar / BBQ and drinks on the OTRS rooftop

A Great Opening

One of the event highlights was opening with the keynote speech “Cyber Crisis Management” from Ken Bonefeld Nielsen. Ken was formerly the Director and Head of Corporate Security, Sony Mobile and is now on the road as a sought-after expert and IT security consultant.

In his lecture, he went beyond the topic of “normal” incidents and dedicated himself to those which can become really critical and can be described as a crisis.
In this context, he spoke about the key components and elements of crisis management: information, stakeholders, resources and time. He talked about the anatomy of a crisis and showed pragmatic solutions for handling them.

Customer Experience

Customers also shared their experiences of implementing STORM during two different lectures: These were the use of automatic reports, as well as the impact of STORM against the backdrop of the GDPR.

Daniel Weber from SWITCH talked about using automated reports to detect threats and the role that STORM has in doing this – namely their distribution, processing of further queries and compliant documentation.

Matthias Terlinde from T-Systems spoke about how the flexibility of STORM allowed his team to ensure compliance with GDPR and their internal rules.

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The OTRS Experts

OTRS experts Jens O. Bothe and Martin Gruner also gave lectures that focused on security aspects of development (such as using two-factor authentication by default) as well as automated data enrichment using the STORM process management engine.

Presentation Jens O. Bothe:

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Presentation Martin Gruner:

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A further highlight of the event was the sneak peek of OTRS 8 based on mock ups provided by our product manager Nils Leideck.

What It’s All About

Above all, the event has again confirmed one fact:

The most important things in the area of IT Security / Incident Management are the exchange of knowledge and experience, personal contacts and trust.

These are helpful tools and requirements for optimal incident management.

That is why our participants exchanged ideas throughout the whole day, during the various lectures, and also during the evening on our rooftop deck with a barbecue where the day came to an atmospheric end.

We are looking forward to the next mini.Con in 2021.