Ahfad University for Women

Success Story

Ahfad University for Women

Ahfad University For Women Reduces Rate Of Complaints
By Nearly Two Thirds By Improving IT Service Management With OTRS.

The Ahfad University for Women provides professional IT support to staff members via OTRS.

The Ahfad University for Women (AUW) is a private women’s university whose stated mission is to prepare women for assuming leadership roles in both family and society through a combination of well-articulated academic courses, on-the-job training, individual research and community extension activities. The AUW is one of the first tertiary institutes in Sudan to actively seek out students from rural areas in its efforts to promote equal rights for women.

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Ahfad University of Women



  • Low costs

  • Usability for different areas and departments
  • Quick support possibilities
  • Software based on ITIL v3

  • Reduction of complaints rate to 35%

  • OTRS Software can also be used by other AUW departments such as facilities management
  • Easy to use, thus reducing staff’s daily workload

  • Flexible reporting possibilities based on customized criteria

  • Multi-language support
  • Integration of third party applications

The Challenge

Slow response times and system failures caused by a high amount of staff requests for internal IT support

The AUW recently introduced a new integrated application system, causing an increased need for professional support from the IT department. The result: very long resolution times, unsatisfied customers and countless unanswered inquiries that the university’s overloaded IT department was no longer able to cope with.

The Solution

OTRS provides IT department with an integrated IT services solution — from strategy to operation

“We were looking for an IT service management solution that would be easy to use and implement in order to support our IT department,” says Hozifa Hussein, AUWs Data Center Manager. Of course, OTRS can also do much more: OTRS enables the university to generate a wide range of reports based on customized criteria, giving AUW management a complete overview of each department’s performance at any point in time. The multi-language support has also proven to be a very helpful function of OTRS, making it possible for AUW management to work with both English and Arabic.


OTRS is easy to use for all staff members and enables flexible integration with third party systems

It wasn’t easy to find an ITSM solution meeting all of the university’s IT service management needs for an acceptable price. The software would not only have to support the IT department, but also other areas such as facilities management, and as the University Education System is used for student accounting and library management, complete integration with existing systems was a must. Furthermore, it had to be possible to manage additional third party applications. The fact that OTRS is based on the ITIL v3 framework is — together with the low costs — one of the many advantages the AUW is grateful for. As Hozifa Hussein concludes: “The drop in complaints shows that we made the right decision by choosing OTRS. We increased end-user satisfaction through shorter resolution times and an improved IT service management.”
After the OTRS Team successfully implemented the project, we saw immediate results, as the rate of complaints went down to 35% in only 2 months.
Hozifa Hussein, Data Center Manager of AUW

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