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Cylk Technology

OTRS offered agent-level personalization options
alongside necessary ITSM components.

Cylk Technology keeps people, processes and technology connected

As rapid-fire catastrophes have changed the way in which modern people work and live, Cylk Technology has been at the forefront of keeping people, processes and technology connected.

They are a systems integrator for corporate telecommunications operators. Their technology experts must deliver cost-effective solutions to enterprise companies who in turn make sure you and I can seamlessly stay connected in our personal and professional lives.

Cylk Technology, Sao Paolo



  • Modern agent experience

  • Cost-effective
  • Simple control over incoming calls
  • Supports LGPD data privacy guidelines

  • Increased flexibility with workflows

  • Visibility into spending and KPIs
  • Reduced costs

  • Process management

  • Customizable external interface for customers
  • Surveys
  • ITSM modules
  • Time accounting

The Challenge

Existing NOC support solutions became cost-prohibitive

In an ever-competitive business world, reducing costs is a key business requirement. This need led Cylk Technology to start seeking a replacement service management solution. They had previously relied on Zendesk, but it had become cost-prohibitive for their needs. With a team of 10 agents managing upwards of 800 cases a month, the solution simply didn't allow them the necessary cost flexibility.

What they did appreciate about the Zendesk option, however, was that it offered agents an excellent user experience. When the search for an ITSM alternative began, this meant they had a second key criteria: The new solution must offer the same level of modernization and personalization at the agent level.

The Solution

Cylk Technology customer recommended OTRS

The hunt for an cost-effective ITSM alternative began. Fortunately, a customer of Cylk Technology knew of OTRS and recommended that Mr. José Marcelo, IT Coordinator, take a look. The team did their due diligence and then reached out to the OTRS Group team. It turned out that the OTRS Group pricing strategy aligned with the team's needs, and OTRS became shortlisted.

What really made the difference, however, was the support and service that the team received. Mrs. Sandra Prado, NOC Supervisor was appreciative, noting that the sales processes were transparent and that the implementation went smoothly thanks to the support provided directly from the product manufacturer – OTRS Group.


OTRS offered agent-level personalization options alongside necessary ITSM components

While cost was a driving motivator to start seeking an alternative solution for managing incoming NOC calls and requests, switching meant that OTRS also included the features required to get the job done.

From the agent perspective, this meant having a modern dashboard board that allowed for customization. OTRS Group's recent redesign (available as of May 2020) offered exactly what was needed. From saving filters to accessing customer history in the ticket to dynamic fields, the newly designed OTRS offered exactly what the team needed.

Business process management and easy-to-use workflow tools were also required, as were reporting and call statistics. OTRS offered all of these, along with a CMDB and service catalog. Now, the team could easily track and manage assets, while having an eye on SLAs and the impact that incidents might have on meeting those agreements. And, the management team had complete oversight.
Transparency is the word. From the beginning the
OTRS team was willing to help us and deliver the best.
Sandra Prado, NOC Supervisor

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