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With fast and 100% reliable cloud support
international IT team was able to organize work much
more effectively and transparently.

After its re-establishment, Excelitas implemented OTRS at an international level as a high-performance ticketing tool

Excelitas Technologies Corp. is a global technology leader for OEM customers in the area of optoelectronics and innovative, customized solutions for medical lighting, analytical instrumentation, clinical diagnostics, industrial safety and security, and aerospace and defense applications. In 2013, Excelitas acquired Qioptiq and Lumen Dynamics, which are currently being integrated into the company.

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Excelitas Technologies Corp.




  • Faster Go-Live

  • Auditability
  • Best adaptability to user’s needs
  • Multilingual support

  • Minimization of employees’ working time

  • Greater transparency, improving teamwork
  • More efficient shared services in IT through the assignation of local or global responsibilities

  • Process Management and TicketWorkflows

  • Scalability
  • TicketMaskExtensions

The Challenge

Unstable system for internal IT service makes worldwide centralized support impossible

Excelitas has a global IT approach based on “shared services.” For example, they offer centralized services for SAP. “At some locations, IT can only operate with international support. If the local IT department cannot solve a problem, the request is forwarded to the global team. Smaller locations don’t have their own IT departments. Requests are then directly solved in a central context,” explains Stefan Goerke, IT Infrastructure Manager at Excelitas. This requires a smooth working system as a basis. In the USA, the slow and inefficient legacy system was a source of more work than productivity and wasn’t implemented in Germany for this very reason. Time was therefore an important factor for installing a new system that would enable faster and more efficient processes.

The Solution

Multilingual solution enables transparent workflows throughout all subsidiaries and now also maps processes

In 2012, Excelitas assessed different ticketing systems, including ServiceNow and OTRS. The decision was finally made in favor of OTRS: “We wanted a tool for our IT that could be used in the near future by more and more departments – e.g. Facility Management – guaranteeing stable processes.” Because of the concept of ‘shared services,’ having just the traditional ticket functions wasn’t enough, and the ability to create a ticket automatically with an incoming email was also important. This enables the user to choose freely whether or not to log in. “As we are using OTRS at our locations all around the world, the availability of different interface languages is a great relief for us in the course of our daily work with the system,” says Stefan Goerke. The process management function also plays an important role for the company: in addition to finance processes, it is also planned for change requests to be carried out with OTRS soon.


The ITSM cloud solution of OTRS is reliable, fast and extremely productive

The fact that OTRS is an open source software was a significant advantage in the eyes of Excelitas Technologies Corp.: “Although we didn’t have a contract, we could test the open-source solution to get a detailed overview of the functions and the structure. So we were able to detect the possibilities of the system and what we would further need even before we’d used OTRS in a productive environment.“ Another positive aspect is the solid price-performance ratio. Since the Go-Live in 2012, the cloud version of OTRS has enabled reliable and stable operations at the company and is significantly faster than every in-house solution tested. According to internal survey results, the ticketing tool enjoyed very positive feedback after only a short time because the IT departments could now react more quickly. Even if a subsidiary does not have an IT department of its own, the shared services system takes care of the tickets and the requester gets a response immediately. Managed OTRS simplifies international shared services teamwork at Excelitas to a significant degree and is planned to be implemented successively in further areas in the future. “At the moment, the integration of Qioptiq is at the center of our attention, but next year we will expand OTRS to additional departments and intensify our focus on process management,“ says Goerke, referring to the next steps with OTRS.
OTRS offers the enormous advantage of allowing us to test it in a simple, uncomplicated way, and the software remains highly adaptable without losing any of its performance.
Stefan Goerke, IT Infrastructure Manager at Excelitas

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