Klinikum Oldenburg

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Klinikum Oldenburg

Newly organized structure for IT requests enables standardization
and reduces the workload of the IT department and hospital employees.

Standardized workflows and processes now enable forward-looking planning

With a total of 832 beds in 19 hospitals and 37,000 annual patients, the Klinikum Oldenburg medical center offers wide-ranging inpatient and semi-inpatient medical services. Additionally, around 95,000 outpatient treatments are carried out per year. Out of the total 2,700 employees, 23 work in the IT department, which maintains 1,250 stationary computers, 750 printers and 550 mobile devices.

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  • Mobile usage

  • Auto-reply function
  • Internal task relocation on the ticket
  • Simple communication with users
  • Greater transparency

  • Enormously timesaving

  • Decreased inquiries thanks to the FAQ
  • Employees love the easy handling and transparency of OTRS

  • Obligatory fields when creating a ticket are individually definable

  • TicketForms Feature
  • TicketWatchlist Feature
  • TicketWorkflows Feature

The Challenge

Uncoordinated reception of IT inquiries at a short notice prevented an efficient handling of error reports

“The inquiries of medical center employees mostly came in via phone and there were usually several reports for the same problem,” states Ralf Boldt, the IT manager at the Klinikum Oldenburg medical center. Many of our colleagues from the medical center prefer personal communication with the IT contact person, making it challenging for the rest of the team to understand the solution status. “Our previous system helped to structure and coordinate the IT inquiries only to a certain degree. We were still sending many emails and didn’t have any centralized access to all necessary information”, summarizes Boldt regarding work organization in the IT Team before OTRS.

The Solution

Newly structured IT inquiries opened the door to efficient process workflows and transparent documentation

Since we started managing all IT inquiries with OTRS, our colleagues in IT and at the medical center are very satisfied with the easiness and transparency of the workflow. Starting from the report or inquiry, up to the solving of a problem or project implementation, now all participants are always informed. “An automatic notification function was particularly important for us. Now everybody involved receives status updates about the progress of the inquiry processing“ reports Boldt. Furthermore, a project/inquiry status can be checked anytime in OTRS. After solving the problem, the colleague responsible will create a note in the ticket. This contributes even further to a transparent and useful flow of information. The possibility of internally delegating tasks in projects in a ticket, i.e. when installing a new software in a department, reduced our email exchange and now every employee can quickly see exactly what needs to be done. Also, the obligatory data that has to be filled in when creating a new IT inquiry helps to categorize and prioritize the reports correctly from the start. The IT manager continues: “Since the medical center has understood its role as an economic entity, the advantages of well-planned processes have been more and more in focus. And standardizations provide more time for individual issues. That’s how it also works now in our IT department: Creating detailed tickets from the beginning and maintaining them saves us a lot of time at the end of the day.”


The system’s stability and simple structure facilitates system configuration and process design down to the tiniest detail

"OTRS convinced us all the way: So far we have always been able to rely on the system’s stability. Since it went live, it has run without any problems!“, states Ralf Boldt, pleased. Furthermore, the simple structure of the software and the extensive configuration possibilities are crucial for the optimization of processes in the IT department. “Although it’s time-consuming to create numerous configurations, it pays off, because it works flawlessly. The same goes for processes. If they are well planned and clearly established in advance, they can be executed flawlessly with OTRS Process Management. All that needs to be done is to organize yourself in advance, OTRS will do the rest.” After only 14 days of planning, configuration and installation, OTRS went live at Klinikum Oldenburg. “In specific questions, the practical tips from the OTRS Consultants have been very helpful. With their experience and our idea of the process workflow design, we created the perfect structures”, explains Boldt in terms of the project workflow with the OTRS Team. Also, the non-IT employees were convinced very quickly of the advantages. FAQ entries, which are accessible via inquiry form, helped to avoid multiple reporting for the same problem by providing all important information at one place. The first FAQ entry “How do I use a Help Desk?“ was particularly helpful for many employees. Furthermore, the Active Directory is connected to the customer portal, so every end user can see the error reports sent from his or her own area. Multiple inquiries caused by broken devices are now history; which is a big relief for the IT hotline. Also, inquiries sent at short notice about the extremely common employee relocations in the medical center —a big source of work for the IT team— now have to be announced 10 days in advance and the IT management can plan them much easier. “Finally, a tool gives me at a glance an overview of how busy my employees are, how efficiently they work and where they are having the most problems. This facilitates good resource planning!” Plus, the use of OTRS on mobile devices is very helpful for the IT team because they often work on the go. Since OTRS 5, mobile use is very easy to use due to the software’s responsive design.
Introducing OTRS was nice and easy. We received everything exactly the way we wanted it. This says a lot about the excellent product and service provided by OTRS AG.
Ralf Boldt, IT Director, Klinikum Oldenburg gGmbH

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