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LogPay Financial Services

Increased customer satisfaction in the area of customer care at LogPay with OTRS

The use of OTRS leads to the check-up of internal processes and creates consistent communication processes.

LogPay Financial Services GmbH is a total subsidiary of DVB Bank SE. As a factoring company, it purchases receivables in the transport market and offers specially tailored solutions for the management of receivables in companies. With an annual turnover of more than 3 billion euros, it is one of the leading companies in receivables management. With OTRS, LogPay supports internal support and external customer support.

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LogPay Financial Services GmbH



  • Automatic ticket creation for customer requests

  • Documentation of the communication processes
  • Compatibility with existing IT system

  • Capacity increase of completed inquiries

  • Improved customer communication quality
  • Optimized internal processes

  • Text templates

  • Reporting and statistics
  • Roles and authorization concept

The Challenge

LogPay was looking for a tool to efficiently support the team in providing excellent customer communication

To further optimize customer communication in the Customer Care Division at LogPay Financial Services GmbH, the company needed to restructure its internal processes in order to eliminate several problem areas. Duplicate and work-intensive processes were leading to, among other things, delays in the processing of inquiries. Anne Grünkorn, Head of Mobility at LogPay, summarized the initial situation for the introduction of a ticket system: “Our teams use a large part of their energy to meet customer requirements. However, because of the high workload and various complex process steps, they were often forced to provide answers and solutions under massive time pressure. It was, therefore, difficult to comply with a structured or standardized handling of external communication with customers. Customer satisfaction should never have to suffer from excessively complex and obsolete processes.” This is precisely what the OTRS Ticket System was made for: Customers should be able to make contact via all channels available - email, telephone, web form – and their messages should be recorded by the system. Establishing work processes based on the model of large companies – which mainly use their ticket system to deal with large numbers of customers in the B2C area – was the goal to be reached by introducing OTRS.

The Solution

Clearly defined processes enable focused work

OTRS revolutionized the workflow of the company’s internal team processes: “In order to efficiently use a ticket system, we had to rework and adjust the processes within the departments. At first, we reviewed and optimized our own in-house processes before they were implemented with the help of OTRS,” explains Grünkorn. All operations are now displayed verifiably and the communication processes are documented. LogPay noticed a significant increase in the customer support team’s capacity to handle requests since the introduction of the help desk system. The simple but effective response templates help agents handle more queries in less time.


The software’s reporting functions and embedding into the existing IT landscape open up extensive deployment scenarios

Since all other IT environment had to remain unaffected by OTRS, unrestricted integration options were important. OTRS had to be compatible with the rest of the internal software landscape. “We especially liked the open-structure approach, which allows OTRS to be flexibly connected with our IT systems. Thus, experts from the specialist departments were able to work out a solid and suitable solution for integration in close cooperation with the IT department,” stated Anne Grünkorn and the accompanying technical project manager of the OTRS introduction, Alexander Laloi, regarding their choice of OTRS.

Last but not least, a further plus point for OTRS are the OTRS Consultants, who add value with their competent advice and expert handling of the system. Right from the beginning of the project, the consultants focused on the perspective of the users/agents and their user behavior. Afterwards, they aligned the results of their analysis with the specifications and requirements of the IT department. After a third adaptation cycle, the previous workshops finally resulted in a customized support software in harmony with the rest of the IT landscape.

LogPay has also announced a number of internal OTRS Projects for the future: The use of OTRS within the Customer Care Mobility division is now to be intensified and expanded. In addition, the expansion of the OTRS Solution to additional departments is also planned, and the company is planning to start using the reporting functions as well as statistical evaluations more extensively.
The OTRS Consultants not only know the system inside and out! They are great at understanding other IT landscapes and responding competently and in detail to the needs of later users.
Anne Grünkorn, Head of Mobility at LogPay Financial Services GmbH

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