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For a Solution Desk, OTRS 8 is Your Only Solution.

Your company works professionally, has a clear vision and strong service skills. However, you have reached a size that has high standards for service teams and demands the best service management software possible – a complete solution like OTRS 8.

Say goodbye to cobbled together small-scale systems. Choose a tool that does it all and uses a holistic approach to support your teams and departments.

OTRS 8 is not only about improving the quality and efficiency of your service, but is also about supporting strategic service management, such as measuring and enhancing performance. As a tool that enables cross-departmental networking, it is designed for long-term use. Your company grows, and OTRS simply grows with it!

Furthermore, OTRS can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications, thus fulfilling the requirements for comprehensive business process management.

With OTRS 8, every single team member now has the opportunity to work the way he or she wants because of the available individual setting options. After all, work is most successful when it is fun.

Invest in your future success and choose a real SOLUTION. OTRS 8.
Fast. Modern. Secure.

Why is OTRS 8 Simply Better Than The Rest?

You already have experience with service management software and know how important it is if you want to be a truly professional company. With OTRS 8, you are choosing a service management software that’s delivered directly from the manufacturer. This means you get a super stable and fast working tool backed by years of expert experience. You benefit before, during and after system implementation.

OTRS 8 adapts to the needs of your business and not vice versa. Rely on the compatibility of our software solution! Your OTRS is unique, because it is perfectly tailored to your requirements. OTRS 8 also comes with a large number of stable and individually configurable functionalities from which you can choose and constantly renew or adapt. Supplemented by consulting and training, we offer our customers solutions as a service. OTRS has been developed according to the highest quality standards. For us, this also means that innovations are based on intensive, personal customer feedback that further enhances the customer experience and the software’s ease-of-use. With OTRS 8, you are getting an enterprise service management solution, because our software is useful in almost all areas of the company – security, facility management, HR, call centers, procurement, document workflows, fleet management and resource management are just a few examples.

OTRS 8 now offers a wide range of personalization options, ensuring more fun at work and increasing the motivation of your employees. They can design their workplaces individually and receive information in real-time. Contemporary user interface elements and optimized user guidance enable highly efficient work. OTRS 8 was developed according to Privacy and Security by Design principles.

How Easily Can I Switch to OTRS 8?

There’s nothing to worry about – not your existing infrastructure, your data nor the operation of your OTRS. Our experts know what is important and are at your side! From the first analysis, through the adaptation of your system, to its smooth operation, you always get top-notch customer service.

Our experts know exactly what it takes to make your business successful with OTRS. Your needs, requirements, budget targets and timelines are used to create a customized proposal, helping you determine the appropriate contract level. Then, together with you, we develop structures, concepts, permissions and role allocations. Based on this, our customer solution team establishes the appropriate setup. The final handover is carried out by our consultant. If no further changes are desired, our managed team takes care of the transfer to your live system. Of course, you can add additional consulting or training services at any time.

You’re up and running faster than with our competitors, because our proven procedure lets you go live with your new system in the shortest possible time. Another advantage: As one of the most widely used software solutions worldwide, OTRS has many individually adaptable interfaces that allow it to be seamlessly integrated into existing applications. Risks, effort and costs for the creation and maintenance of conventional interfaces are significantly reduced.


What Exactly Do I Get With OTRS 8?

With OTRS 8, you get YOUR service management software. This means you don’t decide on a one-size-fits-all solution: Instead, you get absolute accuracy of fit. Your OTRS 8 is configured by our experts according to your needs, and best of all, it grows with your business. When you choose OTRS 8 today, you are looking toward the future.

You get seamless updates and security patches regardless of how individually configured your system is. You always stay up-to-date. With OTRS 8, you are prepared for future changes in your company, because it meets all requirements of a modern web application, enabling contemporary, highly-efficient work with innovative user interface elements. Above all, OTRS 8 increases the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees, because they can work comfortably, easily and in a personalized way. In fact, according to a global survey conducted by OTRS Group in January 2020, 62% of respondents would like to see this happen. 69% say that ease-of-use increases efficiency in the customer service team. It’s what service team members need.

Plus, OTRS 8 is secure. OTRS 8 was developed according to privacy and security by design principles. It also includes admin-configurable two-factor authentication by default. End-to-end encryption is standard and the managed environment operates in accordance with GDPR guidelines. In addition, OTRS 8 lets you leverage the expertise of our security experts for your organization. It doesn’t get any better than this. With OTRS 8, you can enjoy the benefits of cloud services without the risks.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at the newest features being released with OTRS 8.

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