Take OTRS On-The-Go.
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OTRS App –
Don’t Be Tied to Your Office

Gif of screenshots OTRS 8 app

The OTRS app lets you tackle key service management tasks from anywhere – the field, your home or even the beach.

  • Timely request updates from field service agents
  • Easy-access to appointment details
  • Customer info at your fingertips
  • Faster replies to customers
  • Fewer escalations; easier oversight any time

Not yet a customer?

Guide the Entire Business From the Palm of Your Hand

Add as many accounts as needed to the app. Manage the entire enterprise with a quick tap or swipe. Ideal for:

  • Switching between production and test systems.
  • Having a single access point to oversee all teams: HR, IT, customer service, security, etc.
  • Managing cross-departmental processes.

Ready to help your teams work in harmony?

Screenshot OTRS 8 App

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