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Advantages of Switching to OTRS

IT security

OTRS Group follows GDPR compliant processes and uses secure data centers, unlike users of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition who take care of IT security on their own.

Completely managed solution

The OTRS Group offers hosting, patching, maintenance, consulting and more. For you, this means fewer resources needed and more time for important things.

Professional system customization

OTRS has over 2,500 configuration options. Our experts will provide you with skilled support in customizing your system.

Fast process implementation

ITIL, ITSM, ISMS, HR Management - with OTRS BPMS, predefined processes can be used immediately. ITIL processes are even certified by SERVIEW for ITIL® 4.

User Interface

((OTRS)) Community Edition:
Outdated GUI and functionality
OTRS 8: Modern personalizable UI for employees, agents and customers.

The ((OTRS)) Community Edition is an open source help desk and ticketing system. It can be used by any company, if they have the in-house skills to install, customize and support it.

Note: The ((OTRS)) Community Edition won’t be maintained anymore. Updates and security fixes are no longer released. (EOL)

OTRS is a professional service management solution that is backed by a team of developers, consultants, support staff and trainers. It incorporates many tools needed by service owners to deliver, oversee and optimize services, such as:

  • CMDB
  • chat tools
  • powerful API
  • business process automation
  • ITSM
  • knowledge base

OTRS is a complete service management solution for businesses that are ready to professionalize their service and support desks – be those internal or external. And, it integrates perfectly with your existing landscape.

What's the difference between ((OTRS)) Community Edition and OTRS?

((OTRS)) Community Edition

OTRS 6.x No longer maintained (EOL)
  • Support:
    No support available.
  • User Interface:
    Outdated look and functionality.
  • OTRS Documentation:
    Maybe. OTRS 6-related documentation has reached end of life by the manufacturer. Any updates to this would need to be funded and supported by independent teams.
  • Features:
    OTRS freebie features until OTRS 6.
  • Training:
    No training available.
    Not publicly available.
  • Data Protection::
    High risk! Security fixes are not available! For example, see latest security advisories.


OTRS 8.x Latest release
  • Support:
    Direct from the product manufacturer.
  • User Interface:
    Modern interfaces for your teams, employees and customers.
  • OTRS Documentation:
    Product manufacturer has professional software documentation team.
  • Features:
    Unlimited choice of OTRS 8 features and an exclusive choice of feature add-ons.
  • Training:
    Professional training team in place.
    Available with online reference documentation.
  • Data Protection:
    Patching instantly done for managed customers by product manufacturer.

Our consultants support perfect OTRS migrations

Free evaluation
Project planning
Technical requirements
Test migration
Final migration

Move to OTRS

An ((OTRS)) Community Edition migration is done in a few simple steps and starts with a non-binding evaluation. Interested?


How quickly is it possible to migrate to the current version OTRS 8?

Without data transfer, a pre-configured (managed) OTRS is available immediately. With data transfer, you should expect about two months. On request, the migration period can be significantly shortened.

Which versions of the Community Edition can be migrated to the current OTRS version?

Migration is possible from version 4.

Is there a downtime of the system?

Yes. There is a downtime for the final migration. It depends on the amount of data.

What should be considered regarding the server location when switching to OTRS?

If you choose the managed version, we provide the server for you.
With the on-premise version, you provide it yourself.

Can Community Edition feature packages from other vendors be migrated?

Third-party packages will not be adopted and will be deleted before the final migration. However, OTRS offers a wide range of features to cover most needs of their Community Edition version.

OTRS Group employs a team of professional tech writers that is responsible for fully documenting the product for our customers. Documentation is available online for currently supported products and via HTML, ePub or PDF. The following documentation is currently available to customers:

Most OTRS documentation is available in English, German and Hungarian.

The OTRS API is currently available for OTRS 7.x and OTRS 8.x. It is fully documented and available for reference at

By working with the OTRS API, companies can do even more with their instance. It allows OTRS to interact with external systems in a whole variety of ways, such as:

  • Sending and receiving data
  • Updating data
  • Creating a ticket based on external events
  • Modifying a ticket based on external events
  • Creating a calendar appointment automatically
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