Roadmap & Release Cycle

OTRS Roadmap & Release Cycle

Rolling Releases

In the future, there will be no major releases for our software solutions in the form of new versions. Instead, more frequent, smaller updates will keep OTRS up to date. The development of all OTRS solutions has continued as a rolling release. The previously current version OTRS 8 has become OTRS. This means that customer and market requirements can be identified even earlier in the future and can be incorporated more quickly into product development. Customers benefit from software that is always up-to-date.

The rolling release cycle includes the previous so-called patch level releases*, i.e., planned maintenance and security releases**.

*Patch Level Release

A patch level release is used to improve the quality and stability of our software solutions. It contains critical and non-critical updates. In addition, security improvements and necessary adjustments to support new software and hardware technologies can be included.

**Security Release

A security release is used to address critical security issues in our software.

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