OTRS for Office Management

Benefit from automated processes for office management – in all the typical areas, such as ordering office supplies, fleet management and organizing business trips or meetings – with our ready-to-use software solution.

The pre-configured OTRS for all your office team's needs.
All advantages:


Smooth operations

Processes for organizing meetings, rooms or visitors ensure smooth workflows. The integrated CMDB contains all important data and provides information on their status, such as participant numbers or room equipment, for uncomplicated meeting planning and a good impression with external visitors.


Faster through automation

When things get stuck, quick solutions are needed. With digitized and structured workflows that automatically guide you to the next step, help arrives faster than ever. In addition, the process-driven task management in OTRS saves your office team time and reduces their workload.


Minimize errors

Things get awkward when a fleet vehicle is not available or hotels are not booked properly. With the preconfigured processes of the office management solution, this is a thing of the past. Colleagues submit travel requests digitally and receive the correct booking information from the office team right after the booking is made. This way, no step can be forgotten.


Flexibility through mobile working

The OTRS office management solution can be accessed from any location. This ensures a complete overview of all the work and tasks of your office team at all times. Even last-minute changes are no problem. In addition, mandatory fields ensure the completeness of all information.


Immediately ready for use

We have everything ready for you. OTRS for office management comes with a pre-set dashboard and ready-to-use business processes. There's no need for the usual time-consuming configuration and setup - just import your employee and device data, and you're ready to go.



Benefit from professional OTRS features that make your office team unbeatable.

Efficient room management

OTRS simplifies the reporting of damage and the triggering of repair or cleaning processes. For this purpose, the service catalog offers predefined processes that provide quick remedial action in the event of failures.

In the respective process, the affected room is linked and a calendar entry is made for the maintenance work. The history can be used to derive further measures, such as the complete replacement of a system.

Straightforward travel booking

OTRS makes travel bookings simple, secure, and transparent. The predefined process shows all possible means of transport and enables an overview of all important travel data. Receipts for travel expenses can be stored centrally and can thus be submitted without time-consuming inquiries.

Easy office supplies ordering

Order office supplies and equipment reliably and easily. With the predefined process in OTRS, all available items are recorded, listed in full and their order placed directly with the responsible office employee. Individual messages and attachments complete the requirements and ensure that no order is forgotten.

Reliable visitor and fleet management

The predefined process in OTRS is linked to the company fleet, shows all available vehicles, and uses a “reservation status”. Your employees get a clear overview of the status of the company vehicles. Necessary repairs can be reported via a form and thus automatically change the status of the affected vehicle. In addition, the repair can be stored in a calendar entry of the office team. Upcoming inspections or the expiry of leasing contracts are displayed so that employees know exactly what needs to be done.

Statistics at the push of a button for decision making

With this preconfigured version of OTRS, you know exactly how your assets, vehicles, or rooms are doing and can easily compile evaluations. For example, the history can be used to assess the condition of your vehicles and prevent major breakdowns, as well as to decide on additional purchases. 

Service packages for the OTRS Office Management solution


1,000 items (rooms, buildings, cars...)
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 50 GB storage


2,500 items (rooms, buildings, cars...)
  • 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 400 GB storage


5,000 items (rooms, buildings, cars...)
  • 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 1 TB storage


10,000 items (rooms, buildings, cars...)
  • 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 2 TB storage
Flower-like Mind-Map illustrates OTRS integration with various software platforms

Combine Existing Solutions to Your Taste

OTRS  is one of the most widely used solution desk systems, and it can be seamlessly integrated with existing applications, such as SAP, Salesforce or HP Service Center. The generic interface and the XSLT mapping module of OTRS allow both the integration of existing systems and also the individual combination of several OTRS solutions. This significantly reduces the risks, effort, and costs involved in creating and maintaining conventional interfaces.

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