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With ITSM software your company works more efficiently, employees are more motivated and customers are more satisfied

Make your business even more successful and optimize your company’s processes. The OTRS cloud-based ITSM tool is the solution for improving customer and service-oriented work – individually adapted to your organization.
Take IT service management to the next level. An investment in the future of your company in response to the ever-increasing ITSM demands.

What exactly is ITSM?

ITSM stands for IT Service Management and is generally defined as all the tactics used by the IT organization to best support business processes.
This includes everything connected with the provision, support and management of IT services. ITSM mixes people, processes and information technology tools to create services; it is not purely a technological approach.

ITSM focuses on service optimization and the utilization of IT services.

ITSM software helps you to implement defined service processes across organizations and departments. The goal is to increase efficiency as well as customer and employee satisfaction. OTRS as an ITSM tool supports you in achieving these goals.

And what are IT services?

In principle, IT services affect any technology you use for your work ¬– applications and software, your notebook, a printer or copier, and even help if you have to reset your password repeatedly. IT services include maintenance, development, repair, updates, upgrades and backup creation.

Most of the time, users think of “IT Support” when talking about ITSM. In fact, ITSM goes far beyond solving daily business problems. An IT team must have a holistic view of all services and components and manage them as optimally and effectively as possible.


ITSM is not only about the technologies, i.e. the development, implementation or maintenance of hardware and software. ITSM is much more than the efficient and optimally-structured provision of IT services.

The ITSM approach is primarily focused on successfully implementing the business objectives of the company. Today, this is no longer limited to IT, but can be used to improve all departments that need support.

To put it simply, ITSM helps your business function better, respond to technical problems and increase customer satisfaction.

What are the concrete benefits of using ITSM software for my company?

  • Structured, organized request processing
  • Resource optimization
  • Increased efficiency
  • Fast elimination of errors
  • Increased process quality
  • Minimized downtime
  • Long-term cost reductions
  • Rapid identification of risks
  • Perfect documentation and reporting

What is ITIL, and what does it have to do with ITSM?

It won’t be long before you hear ITIL® when talking about ITSM. This abbreviation stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL® is a library or collection of best practices, pre-defined processes, functions and roles that have been outlined to properly implement and run ITSM in your organization.

ITIL V3 extended the focus of the service-oriented approach to include a service-oriented life cycle. Services should now be considered as a continuous process.

The ITIL standard is constantly being developed and defined by different versions, currently ITIL 4. With the release of ITIL V4 the focus is on supporting ITSM teams in adapting their services to current software development approaches.

The latest ITIL version has been supplemented with best practice recommendations for the application of Agile, DevOps and Lean in Service Management. SERVIEW GmbH certifies OTRS 8 as ITIL® 4 compliant.

ITSM - IT Service Management - ITIL

ITIL® 4 contains a total of 34 management practices, which are divided into three categories.

General Management Practices

  • Architecture Management
  • Continual Improvement
  • Information Security Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Risk Management
  • Service Financial Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Workforce and Talent Management

Technical Management Practices

  • Deployment Management
  • Infrastructure and Platform Management
  • Software Development and Management

Service Management Practices

  • Availability Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Capacity and Performance management
  • Change Control
  • Incident Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Monitoring and Event Management
  • Problem Management
  • Release Management
  • Service Catalog Management
  • Service Configuration Management
  • Service Continuity Management
  • Service Design
  • Service Desk
  • Service Level Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Service Validation and Testing

The most frequently used ITIL practices at a glance:

  1. Change Control
  2. Incident Management
  3. Problem Management
  4. Service Desk
  5. Service Level Management

The OTRS ITSM Tool is ITIL® 4 Compliant.


SERVIEW GmbH certifies ITIL conformity.
The SERVIECERTIFIED seal of approval means that ITIL processes have been certified. Only the processes (solutions) are considered for the award. Software vendors do not pay a cent for the seal of approval. By using ITIL-compliant processes, companies ensure the quality standard of their IT service management efforts. Productivity and service quality are thus significantly increased.

The OTRS ITSM solution uses software to support all requirements and best practices of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®). This allows you to establish ITIL processes in your organization quickly or to roll back the implementation later if desired. All this is possible without any major changes to the software. SERVIEW GmbH certifies the latest version of OTRS, OTRS 8, to be an ITIL® 4 compliant implementation of 8 practices.

Certified ITIL® 4 best practice processes for high-quality IT service management:


The ITSM processes in OTRS (Ready to Adopt ITSM Processes) software are organized as follows:

Service Design

  • Availability Management (proactive)
  • Availability Management (reactive)
  • Catalog Management
  • Continuity Management
  • Service Design Coordination (individual design)
  • Service Level Management
  • Supplier Management

Service Operation

  • Access Management
  • Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Fulfillment Management
  • Service Validation und Testing

Service Transition

  • Change Evaluation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Release und Deployment Management
  • Service Asset und Configuration Management
  • Service Transition Planning und Support

ITSM Tools Love Individuality. Find Out Why.

Intelligent service management has a positive effect on all business processes; your individual business requirements are taken into account. And, because every company has its own unique, evolved IT structures and processes, our ITIL-certified consultants make OTRS ITSM software suitable for you.

The advantage:
OTRS software has the almost unique ability to link existing processes and structures in a meaningful way, to change and improve them piece-by-piece and thus to raise your entire IT service management efforts to a new level.

Teams can map their own service catalogs through OTRS tools and keep track of what happening through the ITSM ticket system to make sure problems and malfunctions are resolved as quickly as possible.

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OTRS as an ITSM Tool Makes IT Support Smarter.

In the customer portal, your customers do not have to search long to get in touch with your team. Inquiries, complaints, incidents or other concerns can be sent to your responsible employees easily via customizable forms. The forms can be designed with the necessary request fields, just as your business needs them.

Working with your ITSM tool is even more efficient because OTRS automatically delivers employee, service, asset and infrastructure information, any of which can be automatically assigned to the appropriate department or agent. With its countless configuration options, OTRS software gives your IT and all business processes unlimited freedom and time savings – which can be used to expand your core competencies.

The quality and profitability of your service is tracked by KPIs – the clear modifiable reports provide you with valuable information that can be generated with a simple mouse click.

Want to know more?

No additional costs and immediately ready for use

Get OTRS quickly and easily:

Our Customer Solution Team activates your ITSM solution. You have no additional costs, and the deployment is done in a few minutes.

Your ITSM package is delivered with pre-configured KPI statistics; ticket types, such as Incident, Service Request and Problem; overviews of services; CI classes and new link types. With this, important areas of your system are pre-configured so that the ITSM solution is ready for immediate use.

Of course, your ITSM tools are also fully-supported at no additional cost, managed according to your OTRS service level agreement and completely managed by our Customer Solution Team.

Experience ITSM with OTRS

Take a look at what it’s like to work with incident tickets, use service lists, view services that have problems and find service level agreements in OTRS software.

Click here for the video
Simplified illustrated process graphic on the layout of a dark bluefrom the OTRS web Process Management module shown with white blue and dark blue accents

The CMDB Plays a Central Role

A configuration management database contains all relevant information about the hardware and software components of the IT infrastructure. This includes software, network connections, and servers as well as users, locations, licenses or guarantees: These are called configuration items (CIs).

The objective of the CMDB is to support all modules of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), including Service Support and Service Delivery.

The CMDB provides an overview of the interrelationships and dependencies between all components and is often considered a central element of IT service management (ITSM), mainly due to ITIL. A CMDB is almost indispensable if IT service management is to be implemented.

People, processes and systems can benefit from the extensive asset information. Thus, the success of the company can be ensured not only in the IT department, but in all areas of the company.

What is an enterprise CMDB used for?

Organizations use a CMDB in many different ways.

Mapping of device lifecycles and documenting device status is one. This supports the IT department in identifying repeatedly faulty CIs.

Help desks and service desks can especially benefit from a CMDB. For example, a corresponding ticket can be opened automatically when monitoring software reports a malfunction. The CMDB then provides all available information relevant to the affected system. Now, employees can access the CMDB’s data and obtain a complete overview of the faulty system(s) and possible causes of the problem.

The CMDB contains information from all areas of your company, establishes connections between these and makes this information available to employees, departments and managers in a centralized location.

The advantages of a CMDB at a glance:

  • The CMDB contains asset data from all areas of the company in one central location.
  • The CMDB provides an overview of all assets, related incidents and other objects.
  • The CMDB documents the updates that have been made to each of the assets.
The very efficient, stable and adaptable OTRS Ticket System convinced us. Our company uses OTRS GOLD with the OTRS::ITSM features and we were pleasantly surprised by the reliability and speed of the software.
Stefan Goerke, IT infrastructure manager at Excelitas

How Will ITSM Develop in The Future?

The use and deployment of ITSM software will spread even more to all service departments. In fact, it is much more efficient and ultimately more customer-oriented when work is done across departments and there is a continuous exchange. In this case, we speak of enterprise service management.

In addition, today, it is increasingly important to understand customers instead of concentrating exclusively on technology or the fulfillment of SLAs. Workforce Enablement and DevOps are just two of the trends that are related to ITSM.

What is Workforce Enablement?

This is a concept introduced by the analyst firm Forrester that aims to increase customer satisfaction. Specifically, it takes into account that needs and requirements are constantly changing. It encourages IT teams to first make sure that customers have everything they need, rather than focusing on SLAs and resolution times.

What is DevOps?

Software development and IT operations are usually different, separate areas. The DevOps approach aims to bring these areas together. The result? Accelerated software development and increased product quality. ITSM software supports this by bridging the communication gap: It can help speed up information exchange and quickly distribute tasks.

More than just service: all-round support solves your problems

Experienced ITSM consultants at work for you.

Regardless of whether you want to set up a 100% ITIL-compliant shop or just a single ITIL-oriented workflow, our consultants will competently help you answer all questions — from the appropriate workflow to the mapping of qualified, automated processes in your ITSM software. Our offer does not stop after implementation. The Solution Team of OTRS Group also accompanies you during ongoing operations with excellent customer service and support. Of course, we also take care of upgrades and updates for you.

Handshake at a business meeting between a man and a woman both in suits
The OTRS Consultants not only know the system inside and out! They are great at understanding other IT landscapes and responding competently and in detail to the needs of later users.
Anne Grünkorn, Head of Mobility at LogPay Financial Services GmbH

Choose OTRS as your ITSM software and benefit from the know-how of our experts.
We will make OTRS the right ITSM tool for you!

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