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Support for Support. Support for your IT department with automated, ITIL®4-compliant processes for incident and request management, asset management, change enablement and onboarding with our out-of-the-box software solution.

The preconfigured OTRS to support your teams in delivering efficient IT service management

Optimized request management

Easily accessible, predefined, typical IT processes make it easier for customers to make inquiries, and the service employee immediately receives all the information they need. This eliminates time-consuming queries and reduces the error rate. The integrated CMDB provides important support, as it contains data on hardware, software and contracts, making it easier for internal customers and agents to grasp the important details.

Shorter response times

With response templates integrated in OTRS, agents can react much faster and inform customers about the status of a request. A variety of predefined scenarios are available for this purpose. The agent can easily select a response option and customize it again or even add attachments without taking much time.

Better resource planning

Busy service hotlines or endless waiting loops usually lead to great frustration. With the help of resource planning in the OTRS calendar, agent availability can be recorded and customers can choose when they want to be called back. This allows the agent to plan his time better, and the service experience for the customer improves significantly.


Onboarding assistance

Before a newly hired employee can start work, he or she usually needs technical equipment and various software products, including the corresponding approvals. Predefined processes with the necessary approval options support the HR department and make it easier for IT service desks to take care of everything.

Flexibility due to location independence

As a browser-based application, the ITSM solution scenario from OTRS is completely location-independent. So, employees can be stationed anywhere and still provide quality IT service. In addition, dynamic forms ensure that information is provided in full and that the customer can be helped immediately.

Get started right away

Our experts have everything preconfigured for you. OTRS for IT Service Management comes with a preset dashboard and ready-to-use IT processes. There's no time-consuming configuration or setup required. You can simply start right away and forward all support requests via mail to OTRS.



Benefit from professional OTRS features that relieve your IT service team, make work faster, reduce errors and support planning.

Efficient request management

OTRS makes it easy for customers to submit correct and complete requests to the IT service desk or to report faults. The integrated service catalog offers predefined processes with dynamic input fields for this purpose.

The integrated CMDB provides support here, as it contains all assets with their relevant information. Thus, the so-called configuration item (CI), i.e., the affected device or software component, can be immediately linked, and the agent has all the details he needs at his fingertips. This avoids questions and significantly shortens the resolution time.

Clear self-management

There is a lot of information that needs to be monitored, considered or viewed in the daily task planning of an IT service team to ensure smooth operations.

In OTRS, agents can fully customize their dashboard by creating widgets such as scheduled service calls, the resource calendar or devices that have a fault, making all relevant information available at a glance. The ITSM Solution scenario offers a lot of preconfigured typical widgets and other objects for IT teams to get started.

Easy and precise classification

Also, incident tickets can only be processed efficiently if they are structured. For this purpose, they are classified and prioritized, as required by the ITIL 4-compliant incident process integrated in OTRS. Prioritization makes it easier to adhere to escalation and resolution times. Times are based on the underlying service level agreement (SLA) or, more precisely, the contract. In OTRS, the SLA is determined precisely by the contract, and the correct times are determined in this way. The type of underlying contract is automatically assigned to the customer.

Smart interaction between objects

Dependencies are particularly important for an IT service desk. For example, the availability status of IT equipment is important for the loan of IT equipment; the readiness of the service employee is important for the agreement of service calls; or contract details of customers or licenses for software are important.

In OTRS, many objects interact, such as the ticket itself, knowledge databases, hardware or software components, contracts, or appointments. Automated linking of tickets and CIs creates an intelligent interaction, which speeds up workflows and increases efficiency.

Structured change management

Many things can trigger a change process that IT service teams have to manage.

For this important area, too, our ITSM solution offers preconfigured processes that take all common relations into account. In this way, change managers can be defined; a categorization or even any foreseeable effects or risks can be documented; and approvals can be made. In addition, OTRS offers a change calendar with clear identification of changes by status and corresponding color coding.

Live reports at hand immediately

Our preconfigured solution analyzes the data of your IT service desk and provides continuous reporting. An hourly update gives you a perfect overview of all requests in all relevant queues in real time. Every request status is taken into account, so statistics can be generated in a variety of ways. 

In addition, the OTRS ITSM solution offers preconfigured, customizable surveys that can be used to find out how satisfied a customer is with the offered service. With OTRS, you also know exactly what condition the end devices are in and whether they need to be replaced.

Our service packages of the OTRS ITSM solution


10 Concurrent Agents
  • 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 50 GB storage
  • Certified data centers


50 Concurrent Agents
  • 8:00 AM — 8:00 PM weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 400 GB storage
  • Certified data centers


100 Concurrent Agents
  • 8:00 AM — 8:00 PM weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 1 TB storage
  • Certified data centers


200 Concurrent Agents
  • 8:00 AM — 8:00 PM weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 2 TB storage
  • Certified data centers
Flower-like Mind-Map illustrates OTRS integration with various software platforms

Combine Existing Solutions to Your Taste

OTRS  is one of the most widely used solution desk systems, and it can be seamlessly integrated with existing applications, such as SAP, Salesforce or HP Service Center. The generic interface and the XSLT mapping module of OTRS allow both the integration of existing systems and also the individual combination of several OTRS solutions. This significantly reduces the risks, effort, and costs involved in creating and maintaining conventional interfaces.

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