Corporate Security with STORM from OTRS. The IT Security Software you can count on.

The highest security authority in Germany trusts OTRS IT Security Software.
The Federal Office for Information Security has been an OTRS customer since 2003.

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Improve security operations with IT Security Software. With OTRS you are
prepared for emergencies…

Cyber attacks are unavoidable, which is why you should play it safe. You must have a structured cyber defense system that reacts quickly and precisely to emergencies ensuring that qualified processes and structured workflows are running smoothly – you need an IT security tool that will be there when you need it most!

When attacks occur, every minute counts. OTRS’ IT Security Software helps you respond effectively and quickly to attacks using event prioritization, automatic assignments and quick notifications.

Advantages of IT Security Software from OTRS:

  • Faster response times to security incidents
  • Structured processes
  • Scalable as required
  • Only tool on the market with a completely encrypted communication chain
  • Audit-ready storage of incidents in the ticket system
  • Individual IT security software solutions built for your company

STORM from OTRS is your IT Security Software – a full-service tool you can rely on …

In an emergency, the interaction between people, processes, systems and more must be decisive. OTRS becomes your defense team, allowing you to act precisely, efficiently and quickly in case of attacks. Open interfaces for the connection to detection, analysis and monitoring tools, as well as information platforms, enable an even more detailed view of security incidents.

Keeping a clear head during attacks or security incidents is sometimes difficult. With the support of your IT security software from OTRS you will be fully prepared to handle any incident. Through automated processes and direct notifications to the responsible employees, teams act quickly and effectively to mitigate issues. Step-by-step pre-defined automated processes work as guidelines to direct responsible employees and enable effective action in a short timeframe. Furthermore, all incidents are stored in the OTRS ticket system in an audit-ready manner. A big advantage: precise analyses are possible and the ITSM (IT Service Management) team also has an excellent overview of the incident.

OTRS process management manages detailed workflows.

OTRS offers cyber defense teams sophisticated security process templates, such as Security Incident Management, as well as a carefully compiled bundle of functions that support security-critical workflows.

  • Built on security process best practices (e.g. Security Incident Management)
  • Easily create and adapt complex security processes
  • Implement Playbooks and SOPs
  • Support of security advisory processes
  • Accurate and audit-ready handling of digital evidence for digital forensics
  • Mapping of OLA and SLA-based escalation times according to individual rules via Advanced Escalations

Trust the IT Security Software that is used by the highest authority on security in the German IT industry:
The Federal Office for Information Security.

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The Federal Office for Information Security, the highest federal authority when it comes to IT security issues in Germany, has been an OTRS customer since 2003.

Safety You Can Rely On

IT Security Software STORM. A full-service security solution.

  • Automatic notifications to responsible team members, authorities or lawyers ensure compliance with company regulations in the event of an emergency.
  • Real-time collaboration with local and web-based applications is possible through open API and web services.
  • OTRS offers interfaces to well-known SIEM systems (Security Information and Event Management) for automated data transfer.
  • WHOIS information for IP addresses or CVE numbers and checksums can be viewed in the ticket.
  • As unique and changeable as your company – OTRS is scalable and adapts to your requirements and wishes. Individually set escalation times, self-created scripts – no problem for OTRS.
  • All statutory standards regarding data protection and IT security are fully supported by OTRS.
  • STORM is a unique advantage for your company: Our software for corporate security and IT security is the only one on the market that offers end-to-end encryption of the entire communication chain.
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Experience, know-how & excellent quality – the OTRS Group

Companies with a critical infrastructure, security authorities or well-known DAX companies use OTRS security software for security management in their companies because they trust in our many years of expertise, the software and our quality service.

Experienced consultants are at your side

With our many years of experience in cyber defense, we can help you map and manage a large number of incidents using qualified processes and automated workflows. Supplemented by the OTRS Group’s security-relevant best-practice experience, our experts are also available to support you during ongoing operations. System updates are, of course, handled by our OTRS Solution Team.

Responda de forma otimizada a incidentes com o Gerenciamento de Incidentes de Segurança


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