Previously known as Feature Add-ons, these individually purchased functionalities are now included in every OTRS contract level*. This means that every customer has full access to all available functionalities and can get the most out of OTRS.

*The Feature Add-ons Advanced Escalations and Web Services are excluded from this rule and are only available in certain contract levels.

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Reduce the administrative workload and free teams to focus on value-added work. Automation speeds up tasks, reduces mistakes, balances workloads and calculates quickly. Even reporting becomes faster, more granular and more accurate.

  • Process Engine
  • Automatism for Processes
    • Automatic Start of Processes
  • Ticket Automatisms
    • Ticket Allocation
    • Service Based Queue Routing
  • Dynamic Fields
    • Calculation
    • CI
    • Attachment
  • Calendar Resource Planning
  • Credit Card Filter
  • Restore Pending Information
  • Service Categories
  • Service-based Queue Routing
  • State Preselection Response Templates
  • Ticket Time Unit Dropdown
  • Advanced Generic Agent
  • Escalation Suspend
  • Hide/Show Dynamic Fields
  • Ready2Adopt ITSM Processes
  • Ticket Allocation
  • Ticket Forms
  • Ticket Queue Selection
  • Automated FAQ Ticket Creator
  • Advanced Escalations

Increase customer satisfaction through structured multichannel communication and better cross-functional exchange. Customer data, existing request details and prior support experiences are quickly accessible. Share information between and among teams through dashboards, notification, and notes.

  • Mail
  • Inter-Agent Communication
    • Chat
  • Handover to Other Teams
    • Communication via notes, chats
    • Partner integration to communicate with customers
  • Custom Contact Fields
  • Process Management Article Email
  • Specific Ticket Notifications
  • Out of Office
  • Dashboard News Widget
  • Categories for Text Modules
  • Ticket Watchlist

Empower agents to solve more problems more quickly. Organize and connect all the necessary information: customer data, requests, equipment, contracts, locations, FAQs, events, or any custom-created information. View the right level of detail with dashboards, widgets, and tickets.

  • Customer Overview
  • CMDB
  • KBA
  • Linking Objects
  • Data Transfer from Object to Object
  • CI Assignment Attribute Dynamic Field Map
  • CI References
  • Customer Frontend Link Object
  • Customer Activity Widget
  • Dashboard News Widget
  • Advanced Ticket Overview
  • CIs in Customer Frontend
  • Dynamic Field Value Import
  • Customer Event Ticket Calendar

Maximize the value of your ecosystem and gain operational efficiency. Never be constrained by duplicated data again. Connect data sources quickly and reduce custom development needs.

  • Web Services
  • WhatsApp
  • DynamicField Web Services
  • Ready2Adopt Web Services

Keep an eye on all aspects of the organization. From agent efficiency to customer satisfaction, KPIs offer actionable insights that improve performance over time.

  • Extended Ticket Stats
  • Automatic Time Accounting
  • Time and Quota Management

Protect your people, processes, and technology by organizing access to data and communications. Ensure the trustworthiness of your organization and reduce the risk of breaches.

  • Permission
  • Encryption
  • Signing
  • Data Privacy Protection
  • Delete Attachments
  • LDAP Password Notifications
  • System Configuration History
  • Restrict Customer Data View