OTRS, The Flexible Service Management Solution

OTRS is a service management solution that can be used by any department in your company. It reduces operational costs and increases satisfaction by optimizing service delivery, communication and workflows. With OTRS you choose software directly from the manufacturer.

OTRS Improves Your Bottomline

Reduce workflow processing time

Automatically assign requests so the right people communicate quickly. Notifications, reminders and escalation management guarantee fast processing. Templates and process management automate workflows.


Minimize mistakes

Knowledge databases (KBAs) and a customer portal enable customer self-service, freeing up support team resources. Communication templates save time and guarantee consistently high quality in your service teams.

Optimize service delivery

OTRS offers extensive reporting tools. Keep on top of KPIs such as the number of requests, service issues, SLA risks, expenses and more.


Maximize tech stack usage

OTRS has customizable interfaces to seamlessly integrate with existing applications, reducing potential development costs. OTRS is not a rigid component of your system landscape; rather, it grows with your company, requirements and changes.

Ensure security

OTRS was developed according to the principles of Privacy and Security by Design. Data protection, maximum reduction of attack potential and server-client encryption are a matter of course. OTRS Group has in house security experts, and data centers are ISO/IEC 27001 certified as well as subject to German law.



Benefit from professional OTRS features that facilitate your workflows, support staff planning, improve service quality and increase customer satisfaction.


OTRS offers a wide range of personalization options that improve the employee experience. Design dashboards and layouts according to your working style and receive information in real time.

A modern user interface and optimized user guidance guarantee highly efficient work. Use avatars or manage and save lists or search results for reuse.

Automation & processes

Process templates allow you to automate workflows and create customized processes. You can even use pre-configured processes to get started, For IT use cases, OTRS supports all requirements and best practices of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®).

Communication templates save time and guarantee consistently high-quality replies by your service teams. Both external and internal customers are quickly and continuously informed about the status of their request. Customer and employee satisfaction increase.

Simple assignment, prioritization & classification

Through dedicated role and access management, requests are immediately assigned to the responsible departments. The right contacts always communicate with each other. Notifications, reminders and professional escalation management guarantee fast processing and evaluation. Escalation management is easily adapted to the customer or SLA.

Knowledge management & self service​

Well-maintained FAQs and an up-to-date knowledge database reduce the number of tickets to be processed, freeing up valuable service team resources.

The OTRS customer portal makes it easier for customers to create requests and track their progress.

Time & resource management


makes it easy to coordinate team tasks and distribute them according to availability or workload.

The appointment calendar and reminder times keep everyone aligned. Teams can even create joint calendars. Entries can be linked to tickets for easy tracking, creating an overview of the entire team’s workload.

Reports & statistics

OTRS reports are available at any time and provide information on the current customer situation, the state of inquiries and the team workload. They are easy to operate and can be used without configuration. Teams can react quickly in the event of bottlenecks, and leaders can optimize staffing.

Security & compliance​

OTRS allows you to sign and encrypt e-mails via S/MIME or PGP. Communication between clients and servers is secured by SSL. Two-factor authentication can be configured as a default. OTRS offers audit security – information and communication are secured and documented in a compliant manner.

Interfaces & social media integration

Thanks to web services, any number of external databases, such as ERP, CRM, tracking or other ticket systems, can be integrated. The data can be displayed in special dynamic fields.

Customers can also contact your support staff via social media channels or WhatsApp.

OTRS Solution Service Packages


10 Concurrent Agents
  • 9:00 am — 5:00 pm weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 50 GB storage
  • Certified data centers


50 Concurrent Agents
  • 8:00 am — 8:00 pm weekday support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 400 GB storage
  • Certified data centers


100 Concurrent Agents
  • 24/7/365 support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 1 TB storage
  • Certified data centers


200 Concurrent Agents
  • 24/7/365 support
  • 8 hours recovery time
  • 2 TB storage
  • Certified data centers
Flower-like Mind-Map illustrates OTRS integration with various software platforms

Combine Existing Solutions to Your Taste

OTRS is one of the most widely used service management systems, and it can be seamlessly integrated with existing applications, such as SAP, Salesforce or HP Service Center. The generic interface and the XSLT mapping module of OTRS allow both the integration of existing systems and also the individual combination of several OTRS solutions. This significantly reduces the risks, effort, and costs involved in creating and maintaining conventional interfaces.


More Information about OTRS​

Arguments for OTRS


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OTRS is a service management solution that includes a ticket system, process automation, configuration management database and so much more. You optimize your customer communication and processes with OTRS, thus improving the services of your company.

All relevant information and customer data are centrally managed. Omnichannel communication keeps service teams easily available. Comprehensive reporting functions provide you with an overview of all important KPIs.

First, we get an overview of the initial situation :your needs and requirements, budget specifications and timelines. Based on this, we create a customized offer.

Then, together with you, we develop structures, concepts, access controls and role allocation. Our Customer Solution Team will implement the appropriate setup.

The final handover to you is carried out by our consultant. If no further changes are desired on your part, our Managed Team will take care of the transfer to your live system.

We are faster than our competitors, because our proven procedure lets you go live with your new system in just a few days.

Contact us.

With OTRS, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) have a partner at their side that supports them in all phases of business growth and adapts to their specific needs.

OTRS is independent of industry and size and is almost limitlessly flexible. It is individually configured and grows with your company. This is how you build for the future. This is not a question of company size, but of professionalism.

Our software solution is used in almost all business areas – security and facility management, HR, call center, ordering, IT, support teams, fleet and resource management are just a few examples.

We have the right solution for every budget.

First, we need an overview of the initial situation: your needs and requirements, budget specifications and timelines. Based on this, we create a customized proposal.

Next, together with you, we develop structures, concepts, access controls and role allocation. Our Customer Solution Team will implement the appropriate setup.

Then, the final handover to you is carried out by our consultant. If no further changes are desired on your part, our Managed Team will transfer you to your live system.

You need not worry about your existing system landscape or your data. Our experts know what is important and are at your side.


Even with an older version of OTRS version, you don’t have to worry, because everything is taken care of by our OTRS experts. There are no data loss risks during an update.

The development of OTRS focused on user-friendliness and, above all, ease of use. This means that your employees can work productively with our new version within a very short time.

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OTRS can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications and thus fulfils the prerequisite for cross-process service management. Despite the high degree of automation and standardization, OTRS does not force you into a structure, but allows you to implement your specific requirements.

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