OTRS: A smart, agile, safe communication platform

OTRS is a modern, flexible ticket and process management system
that allows service management professionals in any industry
to keep pace with today’s lightning-fast,
results-driven business environment.

Keep your business running with the help of OTRS

The most important
arguments for OTRS.


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Working with OTRS

Open communication is the cornerstone of OTRS

Effective communication results in happy customers,
motivated employees and a profitable business.

Accurate assignment. Quick notification.

OTRS has built-in role and authorization management tools for individuals or entire teams that ensure requests are assigned to the responsible department quickly and with all task-related information included.

Quick response times are critical, so OTRS ensures that inquiries do not disappear into a void or remain unanswered. Notifications, reminders and escalation management processes guarantee rapid request evaluation and processing. Even the service requester can be notified of the ticket’s processing status at any time.

Example OTRS Ticket View on the layout of a dark blue OTRS Web Page with white and blue bar on a white laptopshown in white blue and dark blue color scheme
Simplified illustrated process graphic on the layout of a dark bluefrom the OTRS web Process Management module shown with white blue and dark blue accents

Optimize workflows to increase efficiency.

OTRS Process Templates are ideal for standardized and frequently recurring processes. Their use increases both quality and efficiency. For example, these common templates can be integrated into OTRS at installation:

  • Holiday Requests
  • Room Bookings
  • Material Requirements
  • Travel Expenses
  • Material Complaints

Of course, your business needs may be different. With OTRS Process Management, you can create custom processes tailored to your business. Your employees can adjust them or create new ones anytime – without time-consuming training.

For us, the OTRS Process Management function is especially important. Its numerous configuration possibilities allow us to build and change new processes in an easy and highly individual way, enabling us to quickly deal with changing user requirements and create new processes.
Christina Wartisch, Total Quality Manager – Olympus Europe
Layout of the OTRS Web page Portal displayed on a tablet on a white ipad inin the white blue and dark blue color scheme

Self-help tools free up resources

Well-maintained FAQs reduce open tickets, freeing up valuable service team resources. Targeted recommendations make self-help tools more effective. Save your team even more time with other useful OTRS Features like Communication Templates and Request Masks.

Smart Service Delivery
with Key OTRS Features

We can easily pass on processes to other departments by moving the respective ticket to a different queue. Different areas therefore interact in a way that is much faster and more straightforward. This doesn’t only save effort within the IT Support Department; all departments using OTRS feel relieved.
Karmela Vellguth, Head of IT Support at TUM

Our support helps
your business excel

OTRS gives you ongoing support with process optimization
and customer-oriented workflows. We’ll focus on ensuring
continuous improvement of your OTRS Implementation,
so that you can stay focused on the future of your organization.

OTRS Reporting Portal displays example bBar charts using white blue and dark blue color scheme

Reports enable fast, proactive action

The OTRS Report Generator allows you to quickly evaluate the quality of service delivery. With only a few clicks you can merge data and generate easy-to-read reports. You gain a competitive advantage as you optimize your organization quickly and effectively.

Easy adjustments for optimal scalability

OTRS Process Management Tools make it easy to model and adjust business processes so that team, cross-departmental and external communication flows smoothly when your business grows and changes. OTRS can also integrate  IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) requirements and best practices.

Smooth the way for
company-wide success

through security

Data must be protected, especially from outsiders.
We take the trust of our customers very seriously
and employ the highest safety standards.

Features to improve
service delivery


Features to reduce
development costs

OTRS makes it easy for your company to overlay
our structured communication software on top of
existing systems. There’s no need for expensive,
custom development.

Flower-like Mind-Map illustrates OTRS integration with various software platforms

Perfect integration with data exchange

OTRS is one of the most widely used solution desk systems, and it can be seamlessly integrated with existing applications such as SAP, Salesforce or HP Service Center. The generic interface and the XSLT mapping module of OTRS, CONTROL and STORM allow both the integration of existing systems and also individual customization of the respective application interfaces. This significantly reduces the risks, effort and costs involved in creating and maintaining conventional interfaces. 
Using the XSLT mapping module in OTRS, it is possible to adapt incoming and outgoing data structures to and from third-party systems to OTRS data structures – without complex programming or Perl know-how.

We especially liked the open-structure approach, which allows OTRS to be flexibly connected with our IT systems. Thus, experts from the specialist departments were able to work out a solid and suitable solution for integration in close cooperation with the IT department.
Anne Grünkorn, Head of Mobility at LogPay Financial Services GmbH

Unlimited freedom
to change

Your OTRS is unique. It is perfectly tailored
and configured to your requirements. But that’s not the only
flexibility that our software solution offers. OTRS lets
you choose from many stable and individually configurable functions,
so you can constantly renew, adapt or configure the platform
itself without adding development time.

How do you want to use OTRS?

By creating our own configurations, we have been able to resolve all the inquiries from various departments in an individualized and absolutely satisfactory way.
Georg Rölli, Head of IT Operations at Livit AG

Built-in Features
to support
integration needs

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