OTRS has helped us provide better service to our customers while improving our internal processes and optimizing our resources. We couldn't be more pleased with the results and look forward to continuing to use OTRS to support our business growth and success.
Markus Brucher, Senior Manager 1st & 2nd Level Support Global Service
Hydro Systems Logo

HYDRO Systems KG, Biberach

Agents: 100
Tickets/Month: 4,000

The Challenge

Each of the worldwide locations, or each department within the HYDRO Systems KG locations, had been using its own e-mail address, which led to a lack of transparency, confusion and too many points of contact for customers.

The Solution

Excellent first level support and the introduction of the professional work structuring and communication solution from OTRS ensured a noticeable increase in the optimization of service request handling

The mobile accessibility and improved search functions have been huge improvements for our team. We're really able to work faster and handle customer requests on-the-go now.
Alexandra John, Director of Customer Relations
PFM logo


Agents: 13
Tickets/Month: 3,000

The Challenge

Implementing much needed modern solutions required time and resources that were difficult to come by internally.

The Solution

Working hand-in-hand with OTRS’ experts ensured data accessibility, modern features and a secure solution.

The fact that we are expanding OTRS to other departments is proof that security made the right choice; it’s fast, flexible, reliable and easy.
Giovanni Mellini, security engineer at ENAV S.p.A.
ENAV logo in full color


Agents: 70
Tickets/Month: 900

The Challenge

Previous service desk software unable to efficiently support internal information security processes

The Solution

Security activities are now quickly verifiable and ready for reliable statistic exports

Education & Research
If it supports you instead of hindering you, then it is configured correctly.
Sebastian Erb, Head of the Process Operation and Further Development Working Group in the ISBJ Unit.

Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family Berlin, Department for Family and Early Childhood Education

Agents: 50
Tickets/Month: 1,000

The Challenge

The software supporting the services for citizens was predominantly organized in a decentralized manner in the Berlin youth welfare offices of the 12 districts until the introduction of centralized IT specialist procedures.

The Solution

The ISBJ unit provides uniform specialized procedures for each youth welfare office, ensures smooth operation, and, with the help of OTRS, is the central point of contact in the event of malfunctions and for addressing service requests.

There are many possibilities within OTRS, but even simply using the help desk functionality has made such a difference in terms of how quickly and thoroughly we're able to help people
Karla Brown, Information Technology Computer Operations Supervisor with PCPS
Polk County Public Schools logo

Polk County Public Schools

Agents: Varies
Tickets/Month: 100+

The Challenge

Increased volume of requests via a shared email inbox led to overload

The Solution

By using the helpdesk software OTRS, requests could be assigned directly, processed faster and the entire process could be tracked in an uncomplicated manner.

I previously used OTRS, and the difference between what it was then and what it is now, is huge. It's come a long way.
Sam Franklin, Facilities Manager

Shiloh Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Agents: 3
Tickets/Month: 125

The Challenge

The usability of the prior facilities management tool made reporting and tracking difficult.

The Solution

Modern ticketing combined with calendaring meant the team could easily track work orders and expenses.

For each service performed, a satisfaction survey is sent to the customer. This helps us to continually improve the quality of our service.
Claudio de Souza Cornelio, RNP-Service Desk Coordinator
Logo Rede Nacional De Ensino E Pasquisa (RNP)


Agents: 559
Tickets/Month: 6,120

The Challenge

Lack of integration and management information since all service areas used different solutions.

The Solution

OTRS provides the flexibility to meet diverse needs and manage them in one system. It can also be integrated with existing applications.

With OTRS Group we have real experts on our side, supporting our organization 24 hours a day with a highly flexible and reliable service at a competitive price.
Tony Barber, Head of GÉANT Operations Centre
Géant logo in full color


Agents: 100
Tickets/Month: 500

The Challenge
Part 1

Previous ticket system did not include email functionality or permit the tracking of IT issues using standard, industry-accepted terms

The Solution
Part 1

Workflow and SLA capabilities permit standardized output

We looked at other ticketing software, but our main motivation was functionality and value for money. We picked the current version of OTRS with GOLD support.
István Vitlinger, Head of Group IT Infrastructure Services

MET Group, Switzerland

Agents: 12
Tickets/Month: 1,000+

The Challenge

The company was growing. It was time to evolve - from an open source ticketing system to an enterprise help desk solution - in order to better meet the growing needs of customers, management and IT.

The Solution

The customizable OTRS help desk solution was selected and support was added.

OTRS enhances our service quality internally and externally – we look forward to further exploiting the solution's potential and are excited about future developments.
Nico Wegner, Head of IT (CIO) & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

ALPHA COM Deutschland GmbH

Agents: 50
Tickets/Month: 2,000

The Challenge

The ITSM solution used until 2017 was technologically insufficient as a support solution. It lacked transparency, led to communication outside the tool, and employees who were dissatisfied with the interface.

The Solution

High transparency in inquiry handling, efficient escalation processes and structured communication – the use of OTRS leads to increased service quality and satisfied employees and customers.

With OTRS, we were able to create transparency where none existed before. This has significantly optimized our work. In addition, we can now access professional support when needed.
Michael Voigt, Chairman of the Board of VIOSYS AG
Logo viosys

VIOSYS AG, Leipzig

Agents: 20
Tickets/Month: 600

The Challenge:

An outdated ticketing system required personnel-intensive development, caused duplicate work and resulted in unstructured customer communication.

The Solution:

The use of browser-based service management software OTRS enables efficient communication within decentralized teams and increases the quality of customer service.

With OTRS, we have chosen a long-term solution, because the software grows with our requirements, it's flexible and adaptable.
Florian Hinse, graduate in business administration and assistant to the management.
efcom logo

efcom gmbh

Agents: 40
Tickets/Month: 600-700

The Challenge

An outdated ((OTRS)) Community Edition hosted by an external service provider created extra hosting costs and maintenance, and the system was not updated as needed.

The Solution

Direct cooperation with the OTRS vendor ensures professional support and constant software updates, enabling optimal customer service.

Above all, we wanted to go live with a global solution very quickly, and OTRS made this possible: It only took 12 weeks from the day we chose OTRS to its productive start.
Andreas Szameit, EMEA Service Delivery Manager at Mitel

Mitel Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Mitel

Agents: 150
Tickets/Month: 10,000-12,000

The Challenge

A corporation-wide central help desk software for IT support must be implemented quickly around the world

The Solution

Services provided directly by the software manufacturer increased IT team’s process know-how and availability

Metal Industry
We have been able to double our telephone support availability by using a call center and OTRS, while keeping costs the same. With the connection of OTRS via web service into our system landscape, the process has been digitalized and we can now work faster and paperless.
Nicolas Hoffmann, project manager and main person responsible for the implementation of OTRS

Salvagnini Deutschland GmbH

Agents: 25
Tickets/Month: 250

The Challenge

Customer inquiries were received exclusively by an external call center and were not recorded or classified uniformly. Due to the call center's data management, the potential of OTRS could not be fully exploited. Logical linking, inquiry evaluation and a web-based customer portal were not possible due to the lack of integration of customer and machine data.

The Solution

With the expertise of OTRS experts, the call center software was connected. Customers can now create tickets themselves and have insight into their inquiry at any time.

Professional Services
The flexibility of OTRS allows us to begin improving service delivery immediately, while also being forward thinking in terms of how we can offer better transparency and support to our customers.
Henry Vassall Jones, CTO

EMAPTA, Philippines

Agents: 40
Tickets/Month: 2,500 - 3,000

The Challenge

Five ticketing systems, implemented over three years, had left the IT organization frustrated and struggling to comply with structured workflows.

The Solution

A methodical vendor selection process resulted in a decision to use OTRS and
95% compliance with established workflows.

Real Estate
In the seven years we’ve been using OTRS as a contract customer, we’ve only had positive experiences. We really appreciate the reliable and competent support.
Georg Rölli, Head of IT Operations at Livit AG
Livit Logo

Livit AG

Agents: 31
Tickets/Month: 500 - 700

The Challenge

Irregular updates and maintenance of the OTRS system due to limited resources

The Solution

Comprehensive administration service including hosting to keep system up-to-date without tying down internal resources

Today, we were able to receive demand, track and manage requests and authorizations, and navigate among the 15 business units responsible for the solution. Our response time is a critical factor, and OTRS ensures that requests do not disappear or go unanswered.
Jesaias Arruda, Infrastructure Manager at Bemol.
Bemol Parintins logo

Bemol Digital

Agents: 88
Tickets/Month: 5,900

The Challenge

Tickets were routinely stuck and customers were frustrated.

The Solution

Free version of ((OTRS)) Community Edition was updated to supported OTRS version.

Now we can standardize our workflows very well. It's so simple that people have just easily fallen into using it and embraced the tool as part of how we work.
Malcolm Berger, Digital Innovation Director, Asia Pacific, Bru Group N.V.
Logo brutex

Agents: 20, across 5 countries. Another 5 at Asia headquarters
Tickets/Month: 300 – 400

The Challenge

Adding structure without being locked into processes.

The Solution

A highly stable SaaS service desk tracks and balances the workload.

OTRS is one of SES Techcom Services’ trusted tools for managing services with challenging operation models. Interfaces to other operation support systems, including SES systems, are an important success factor!
Georges Amirza, Service Manager, SES Techcom Services
SES logo in black color

SES Techcom Services

Agents: 10
Tickets/Month: 80

The Challenge

Helpdesk software has to integrate all support levels to ensure quick reaction times and flawless problem solution

The Solution

Scalable solution for high customer expectations

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