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Success Stories – daily practice ensures success.

Optimal solutions for any scenario. Customer case studies demonstrate the flexibility of OTRS and how accurately it can be customized to any business need – regardless of industry.

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Your problems are our challenge.

OTRS does not have standardized solutions because every company is unique, meaning that each has its own individual needs, processes and structures. With our customized configurations, we’re able to help all of our customers succeed.

We have been able to double our telephone support availability by using a call center and OTRS, while keeping costs the same. With the connection of OTRS via web service into our system landscape, the process has been digitalized and we can now work faster and paperless.
Nicolas Hoffmann, project manager and main person responsible for the implementation of OTRS

Our customers and their success stories.

ALPHA COM Deutschland GmbH, IT-Service Desk

Optimally structured communication and efficient support for greater customer and employee satisfaction at ALPHA COM Deutschland GmbH with OTRS

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Switching from ((OTRS)) Community Edition to the OTRS enterprise help desk solution improves CSAT and enables proactivity at a great value

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Hydro Systems

HYDRO Systems KG develops and manufactures innovative solutions for the maintenance, repair and assembly of aircraft

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As part of the Berlin state government, the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family Affairs shapes important areas of social coexistence. One focus is education policy with daycare centers, schools and adult education, while the other two areas of responsibility are youth and family.

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Bemol Parintins

Bemol was able to 100% automate the workflow of tickets from creation until final resolution with the OTRS platform, integrating the management of requests and authorizations for an average of 5,900 tickets per month. Today, a bottleneck, which had generated 500 stopped tickets, has been eliminated.

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Polk County Public Schools

110,000 students mean a high volume of requests. OTRS ensures transparency and better organization.

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Cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions for sheet metal working machines complemented by optimal customer service and support - backed by OTRS.

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Providing a safe, comfortable environment for worship means overseeing six properties
in a cost-effective, efficient way.

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Flexibility, backed by structure and security, is critical for successfully developing trust between remote workers and their clients.

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Customized software solutions with the highest quality standards and full commitment to the customer – supported by the competence of OTRS.

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efcom is a provider of premium factoring software and has a passion for detail and innovation.

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Professional Flight Management, Inc. Delivers High-End Service at Jet-Like Speed

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Bru Textiles creates beautiful interiors. OTRS enables great customer experiences. Together, we have formed an extraordinary partnership.

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The Flexibility of OTRS enables handling of a variety of requests from different areas in one tool.

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Flawless OTRS operation even without Linux know-how.

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OTRS supports end-to-end connection for the satellite communication system.

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ENAV needed a help desk software with integration possibilities to record and speed up internal processes.

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More flexible configuration options allow for faster customization to address new requirements.

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Operations Center improves SLA management, service and efficiencies with OTRS.

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