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OTRS is remote work software for productive mobility.

Productive, Secure, Digital.

Mobile Work, Home Office, Telecommuting. OTRS Remote Work Software Makes These Possible.

How do you digitalize an entire company? How does working remotely become productive? How can I be sure that telecommuting is effective and economical for a company? Important questions that OTRS remote work software can answer. Digitalization is being driven forward more than ever before.

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Strengthened Digitalization

Companies are faced with the challenge of digitizing their business and communication processes quickly in order to adapt to new circumstances and thus continue to operate successfully and efficiently. Especially now, in times of crisis, it has become clear that companies that have been dealing with the topic of digitalization for a long time and have taken action in this regard have been ahead of the game. For these companies, the switch to working from home offices was associated with far fewer obstacles, and their downtimes were significantly lower.

With OTRS, you can be sure that you will remain productive even under constantly changing conditions.

OTRS – a Communication Management Tool

Our lack of ability to communicate in the way we were used to is one of the most critical hurdles of mobile work and home office usage. Can tasks be completed with high quality and on time when proximity to one another massively changes and limits our communication? Yes, if digitalization is seen as an opportunity.

OTRS as a communication management tool helps (virtual) teams to stay in constant communication all day long, even across time zones, so that information is not overlooked and tasks become structured. Today, you don’t route information between departments using paper documents; instead, you open a ticket in OTRS. You get optimal task management and guarantee good workflows.

Central Administration of Requests

OTRS gives home office workers the ability to work in a structured and effective way – decentralized and digitalized. With OTRS, every employee has all of his tasks in one view. Any To Dos are captured in a ticket and assigned to the responsible person. No matter if the communication is done via email, internal ticket, social media, self-service ticket or by phone, everything is noted digitalized in a centralized place. Thanks to integrated process management, no request is lost.

Automation & Processes

By using processes, new work routines are profitably improved, and new digitized workflows are established. For example, if an employee wants to attend a training session, he or she opens a ticket to obtain approval from the supervisor and, after successful approval, this is forwarded to the HR department. This can all be processed digitally and automatically within a ticket – without handling documents or cleaning door handles in the office.

Calendars and Resource Management

The calendar function allows all employees to see who is available when as well as how they can be contacted. Each employee can enter free and blocked times, making these visible for all colleagues. The same applies to holidays, of course. This makes planning meetings and appointments simple, because free slots are visible at-a-glance. It simplifies resource management and teamwork.

Knowledge Base for Rapid Information Sharing

Questions that are quickly answered in the office by peeking your head through someone’s door can now be easily answered by an employee himself. Common questions, topics and information can be stored in the knowledge base. The added benefit is that colleagues are not disturbed and remain focused in their work.

Clear Oversight via Personalized Business Object Lists

Using business object lists lets you stay on top of what’s happening. Extensive filtering and sorting lets you check in on exactly the work you want to monitor. No need to worry about if the work is being done, if SLAs are being met or if a teammate is overloaded: You can quickly see it all, regardless of where you’re working. This simplifies task management for your team many times over.


Regardless of whether teams work together virtually or in person, regular performance measurement helps to identify optimization potential – especially when it comes to productivity. In OTRS, statistics, lists or graphics of tickets can be created: Reports consisting of one or more statistics plus descriptive text for explaining the relationships between the statistics can be generated. Both can be created automatically and according to your requirements. Several formats, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, SVG and PNG, are available.

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Digital Task Management Has Never Been Easier, More Productive or More Secure: OTRS

Security Standards for Mobile Workers

No matter where your employees work, remote work software must meet strict IT security requirements. OTRS does.

Keep data safe while employees work at home with:

  • 2-factor authentication that ensures only fully authenticated employees can log on. In addition to the user name and password, a token is requested, which is constantly regenerated by an ISO-certified algorithm.
  • Data transmissions from or to OTRS are fully encrypted via SSL.
  • Speedy messaging and notification regarding security incidents are possible.

Productivity and Telecommuting?

If employees increasingly work from their home offices with software that supports remote working, this can sustainably increase productivity, contrary to all assumptions. An OTRS Group survey found that 68% of respondents were new to working from home. Yet, 82% say that they are equally, if not more productive, when working from home.

But what is needed to support the productivity of employees when they work from various locations? 43% are lacking the right tools – for communication, information sharing and request management. One such solution is OTRS. Using OTRS to prioritize and process tasks means keeping track of things and staying in touch with colleagues.

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Good Management Is Essential for Productive Teams

Another crucial point for successful teams is good remote work management, and this is based on trust. The approach can be designed holistically: Employees tend to be more relaxed when working from any location. Elimination of their commute saves time that can be used for family or hobbies.

As an employer, should you be interested in whether your employees can make good use of their free time? Yes! Because the right activities reduce stress, help people find balance and result in employees being physically and mentally more stable; therefore, they are more motivated and willing to perform.

By using remote work management software like OTRS, you can offer this type of employee support more easily. You can keep an eye on everyone’s workload, find out who might need help and make sure that people are connected and comfortable in their at-home roles.

The economy is undergoing a process of change that will determine where the world of work will go in the future. Whether work is in office or location-independent, the economy must and will digitalize. With OTRS, you can ensure that everything is digital: automated business and communication processes, the ability to work from anywhere, and the chance to work productively and successfully as a company.

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