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Supporting your customers has never been easier than with OTRS help desk software.

OTRS help desk software, with integrated ticketing system, helps you create optimal customer experiences. It lets agents or employees work more quickly, effectively, remotely and in a structured way that saves money. Customer requests of any kind can be prioritized, processed and resolved after being automatically assigned to the right department. Integrated escalation management in OTRS help desk software makes lost customer requests a thing of the past. Individual configuration of reminders, response times and resolution times are included with escalation management.

Your help desk software will be configured as you need it for your customers and your team – a real team player!

“After the OTRS Team successfully implemented the project, we saw immediate results, as the rate of complaints went down to 35% in only 2 months.”

-Hozifa Hussein, Data Center Manager of AUW

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The Benefits of Help Desk Software by OTRS:

  • Easy to integrate with already existing applications
  • Automated processes save time every day
  • Quick acceptance from Agents and Customers
  • Customized configuration – set up exactly as you need it
  • Over 1,440 individual configuration options
  • Newly updated agent interface and customizable customer portal
  • Perfect incident documentation and reporting via tickets
  • Long-lasting cost reductions

OTRS Help Desk Software – Happy Agents, Happy Customers

Not only do you make your customers happy with structured processes and fast response times, but OTRS Help Desk software also makes the work of the entire support team much easier!

  • Ease of use
  • Secure work processes
  • Flexibility
  • Simple help desk software interface
  • Efficient work
  • Automated processes
  • Faster response times

More than 170,000 customers trust OTRS help desk software.
Each one is unique.

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Helpdesk Software System für beste Kundenbetreuung.

Efficient, easy-to-use planning tools, and cross-departmental transparency – help desk software offers the organization and structure!

Your help desk ticketing system can do a lot: With OTRS process and communication templates, call masks, assignments, consistent documentation and ticket history, your existing workflows can be simplified, optimized and customized to fit your company’s needs.

OTRS help desk software features a simple and uncomplicated interface which makes working easier. Agents are even able to adapt processes or create new process templates independently, without training. Help desk software makes independent, more efficient and time-saving work possible.

Whether your team is small or large, OTRS help desk software is scalable and grows with your needs and goals…

OTRS help desk software is adaptable and scalable. No matter the size of your company, the wishes of your team and your customers, or the vision of your company, OTRS offers unlimited flexibility.

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More than just help desk software . . . OTRS is your new team member who keeps everything under control and perfectly integrates existing system data!

More than 1,440 individually configurable options make OTRS help desk software more than just a Help Desk, Service Desk or Support Desk – it becomes a solution desk. Custom create your solution the way your team and your customers need: it’s part of your toolkit for building team spirit and customer retention.

OTRS software is one of the most widely used software solutions in the world. Its ability to be a real team player is one reason why. Existing applications and other OTRS instances can be easily integrated into your system, pulling together all the information you need in one place.

The Generic Interface and the XSLT Mapping Module of OTRS allow not only the simple integration of existing systems, such as SAP, Salesforce or HP Service Centers, but also the individual adaptation of the interfaces. This significantly reduces the risks, effort and costs involved in creating and maintaining conventional interfaces. 
With the XSLT Mapping Module in OTRS, it is possible to adapt incoming and outgoing data structures to and from third-party systems to OTRS data structures without complex programming or Perl know-how.

Success Stories

Meet a couple of customers who love using OTRS' help desk software.

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ENAV needed a help desk software with integration possibilities to record and speed up internal processes.

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Cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions for sheet metal working machines complemented by optimal customer service and support - backed by OTRS.

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Safety First – Help desk software that has the highest level of security for your data and that of your customers.

ISO/IEC 27001-certified data centers, encryption via S/MIME or PGP, data protection and daily backups – data must be protected. With OTRS help desk software, you enjoy the highest standard of security: in fact, OTRS is the only software on the market that offers complete encryption of the entire communication chain.

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