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Corporate security
response center

You can't protect yourself from every attack, but you can ensure the best possible defense. In an emergency, short reaction times and the right IT security processes count. Use OTRS as your corporate security management center and respond to attacks quickly, accurately and transparently.

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Structured communication improves response times

Improve security response times by structuring communication.

OTRS is the heart of your corporate security toolbox, letting you address critical corporate security needs. OTRS organizes incident information into validated processes and automated workflows that are custom-designed for your security organization by OTRS Experts, who are experienced in cyber defense. This ensures a quick reaction time, coupled with reliable prioritization and clearly-assigned responsibilities, putting you and your team in control when attacks strike.



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Detect danger and attacks early

Detecting an intrusion early often requires more than one platform. OTRS easily integrates with third-party tools so you can connect detection, analysis and monitoring systems.

Deploy rapid emergency measures

Every second counts during an attack! Automated processes and notifications from OTRS allow you to choose the best response as quickly as possible.

Respond swiftly and precisely

OTRS Automated Security Alert Processing immediately informs critical employees of a security breach and provides step-by-step instructions for dealing with it.

Get accurate documentation and analysis

The OTRS Ticket System documents all incidents and resolution steps taken – an unbeatable advantage. Comprehensive reports allow accurate analysis. Your IT security manager gets a complete overview of what happened.

Key OTRS Features for
rapid incident resolution

We chose OTRS because it is easy to patch and integrate with other security systems via well documented APIs.
Giovanni Mellini, security engineer at ENAV S.p.A.

Complex security processes are easily managed with OTRS

OTRS uses sophisticated templates and bundled workflow functions to automate incident resolution steps. Your cyber defense team is able to focus on what’s most important – eliminating the threat.

Our years of experience with corporate security management best practices mean that OTRS simplifies:


  • Creation and adaptation of complex security processes
  • Implementation of playbooks and SOPs
  • Support for security advisory processes
  • Accurate documentation of actions and audit-proofing of reports
  • Configuration of individual rules for OLA and SLA-based escalation times

The essential solution for SOCs, CERTs and cyber defense centers, who have particularly stringent requirements.



  • Security-verified Consultants
  • Exclusive access to the CERT community




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Responda de forma otimizada a incidentes com o Gerenciamento de Incidentes de Segurança

First-rate corporate and IT security services

Experienced consultants are at your side

Experience matters. Take advantage of OTRS cyber defense know-how that leverages years of client security project work and comprehensive knowledge of industry best practices. We’re at your side to help you model and respond to security incidents with validated processes and automated workflows, as well as manage system updates for you.

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Well-known customers
rely on OTRS

Many of our clients use OTRS to manage critical infrastructure security.
They rely on our software, backed up by our experience and IT security know-how,
to keep their companies protected. In fact, our security platform STORM has emerged from
work with these clients to specifically address the needs of corporate security professionals.

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The Italian air traffic control, ENAV, uses OTRS to improve their information security processes and to manage activities of its SOC. It fulfills its mission to protect employees, infrastructure and systems from any unlawful interference that could affect the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information.

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the needs of your corporate security team.

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