OTRS Software Solutions for Customer Service Management, ITSM, ISMS, SOAR and Cyberdefense.

Optimize your workflows with our software solutions.

Increase the performance of all business areas through business processes and structured communication. Audit-proof and certified for ITIL 4, OTRS adapts perfectly to the requirements of your teams.

Product Highlights

Remain Successful in Spite of Change.​

Get support in meeting all new challenges with the right systems and processes. Corporate success and growth are based on efficient communication, clear structures and optimized processes – especially now, when more and more people are working from home and the number of decentralized teams is increasing.

OTRS service management software helps companies process the requests of internal and external customers in an optimal and efficient way.

man sitting in front of a laptop smiling be successful with OTRS

Ticketing & Workflows

It includes service management tools, allows for the automation of tickets and processes, and offers a wide range of different functionalities that can be integrated as required. And this is possible in every area of the company.

Templates, Assignment &  Oversight

With templates, assignments and complete request histories, OTRS avoids errors. Tasks can be completed quickly. Fast access to information and reporting ensures efficiency, timely reactions and adaptable responses. In this way, it is possible to measurably increase the quality of service management.


OTRS already provides integrated process templates for standardized and frequently recurring workflows; but individual processes can also be easily created with OTRS process management. Invest in the future of your company, especially in uncertain times, so that your employees continue to enjoy their work. Create solutions now!

OTRS Functionalities That Ensure Productive Work From Home

  • Layout adjustment possible at agent level.
  • Selection of light or dark themes.
  • Selectable contrast and color options.
  • Use of avatars.
  • Personalization of the workspace.
  • Personal organizer for each agent.
  • Generate, save and manage lists or search results individually.
  • Real-time information about search results collected in an organizer item.
  • Preview business object contents.
  • Live view of who is working in the ticket.
  • Real-time updates without reloading.
  • History widgets.
  • Easy linking of business objects.
  • Inline editing: Update without opening the ticket.
  • Watch tickets and projects, always have everything in view. Be informed about everything.
  • Two-factor authentication, configurable by your admins, as default.
  • Privacy by design principles used.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Password policies offer more security when employees are not working on their company PCs.
  • Managed environment operates in accordance with GDPR guidelines.
  • Reports on the current customer situation or performance at any time.
  • Enable fast reactions in times of crisis.
  • Easy to use without configuration.
  • Choice between basic and custom scheduling.
  • Templates available.
  • Contact via social media channels.
  • Live chat.
  • Email, telephone or SMS.
  • No groupware needed.
  • Mobile OTRS app: Any time, any place up-to-date.
  • Customer service center: Provide customers with information and enable self service.
  • Keep track of time and SLAs.
  • Ensure consistent service and avoid uncontrolled escalation of tickets.
  • Let your colleagues know when you are available and when you are not.
  • Accounting of how much time was spent on what.
  • Easily coordinate and distribute team tasks despite distance.
  • On-site appointments or office visits fully in view with calendars.
  • Provide and retrieve public information from anywhere.
  • Share and access knowledge with the knowledge base.
  • The OTRS service team is there for you, delivering the same level of quality, even remotely.
  • An up-to-date knowledge base. Never before so important than it is today.
  • Using processes to better structure new daily work routines and establish new workflows.
  • Digitalize workflows.
  • Model “automation” for your colleagues in the home office.

Success Stories

110,000 students mean a high volume of requests. OTRS ensures transparency and better organization.

Impact of OTRS

  • Easier prioritization based on pending dates
  • Clearer visibility into who is working on which task
  • Simplifies research into past requests
  • Email to tickets
  • Out of office management
  • Owner and responsible assignments
  • Multiple queues
  • Access control


  • Customer user information
  • Email communication channel
  • Personal organizer
  • Business object lists
  • Business object detail view
  • Owner and responsible assignment


100+ tickets per month
Varies agents
Cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions for sheet metal working machines complemented by optimal customer service and support – backed by OTRS.

Impact of OTRS

  • Reachable on the first customer call
  • All important information about customers and machines available in the ticket
  • Increase in availability by telephone at a constant cost
  • Customer inquiries can also be made digitally
  • Customer can view his request at any time
  • Improved quality of inquiry processing
  • Integration into existing system landscape
  • Customer or machine data can be adapted by the customer himself
  • Highly customizable
  • Simple operation
  • Free interfaces for integration into existing data systems
  • Available documentation


  • Customer service center
  • CMDB
  • Web service
  • Role and authorization management
  • Prioritize and assign tickets
  • Ticket history
  • Ticket monitoring
  • Links
  • Enhancement dynamic fields
  • Phone communication channel
  • E-mail communication channel


250 tickets per month
25 agents
Providing a safe, comfortable environment for worship means overseeing six properties
in a cost-effective, efficient way.

Impact of OTRS

  • Sped up task-related communication
  • Improved event tracking/preparation
  • Simplified accounting
  • Flexible ticketing
  • Ability to add attachments to a ticket
  • Calendaring
  • Usability/adaptability


  • Flexible work order handling
  • Calendars
  • Reporting
  • Attachments


125 tickets per month
3 agents
Flexibility, backed by structure and security, is critical for successfully developing trust between remote workers and their clients.

Impact of OTRS

  • Increased workflow compliance to 95%
  • Improved agent skill / thoroughness
  • Positioned to scale as business needs
  • Flexible ticketing
  • SLA management and reporting
  • API
  • Active directory integration
  • Knowledge base
  • Customer surveys


  • Flexible help desk ticketing
  • SLA management
  • Reporting
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • CMDB


2,500 – 3,000 tickets per month
40 agents
Customized software solutions with the highest quality standards and full commitment to the customer – supported by the competence of OTRS.

Impact of OTRS

  • Decisive support for working remotely
  • More efficient processing of inquiries
  • Increased transparency
  • Improved quality in the processing of inquiries
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Seamless documentation
  • Data protection compliance
  • Browser-based solution
  • German software producer
  • High individualization of the system
  • Clear and structured communication
  • Integrates with existing system environment
  • Customer interface


  • Ticket search templates
  • Prioritize and assign tickets
  • Watch tickets
  • Ticket update with CI data
  • Customer service center


600 tickets per month
20 agents